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Cheyenne adult sex dating

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Copyright Various, Inc. All rights reserved. Connexion SM is a service mark of Streamray Inc. Cheyenne and Dina acknowledge what a great time they had together so Cheyenne confides that she dared Roger to fart in the cups and filmed it. Dina laughs and then goes to get disciplinary paperwork.

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As Glenn tells his troubles over finding a surrogate to Cheyenne, she accidentally volunteers to be the surrogate while encouraging Glenn. Glenn takes Cheyenne's picture for an embroidery Jerusha is making of her and as they talk Glenn realizes Cheyenne doesn't want to be his surrogate. He guesses that it's due to her husband Bo's objections which she lies is the reason. Bo arrives at the store so Glenn invites him and Cheyenne to meet in his office. Bo buys a hot tub with the new found money which Cheyenne protests.

In Glenn's Office without Bo, Glenn goes over a pregnancy calendar with Cheyenne but when he realizes she doesn't want to be his surrogate he insults her so she'll quit. Amy suggests Minions or mermaids themes instead and then falsely compares Green Day to mermaids.

In the Break Room, the staff help Cheyenne with items for a mermaid theme birthday party. is ated by our users community with new Uncut Shemale Pics every day! We have the largest library of xxx Pics on the web. Build your Uncut Shemale porno collection all for FREE! is made for adult by Uncut Shemale porn lover like you Cheyenne Taylor Lee was a sales associate, who was recently promoted to Floor Supervisor after Amy left Cloud 9 Store who usually works at the jewelry or makeup counter. She is very bubbly and fun, but also a little dumb. She likes to gossip and bonds with Garrett and Mateo. She tends to laugh maniacally when she is uncomfortable and looks up to Amy, often taking her advice and calling Sex Dating. View Members. Online Dating. Free Sex & Dates. English. AdultFriendFinder, Adult Friend Finder SM, AFF, FriendFinder Networks SM and the FriendFinder Networks logo are service marks of Various, Inc. Connexion SM is a service mark of Streamray Inc. and used with permission

Cheyenne introduces her mother Brandi to Amy. Brandi asks Amy if the store has a Green Day item for the birthday party and when Amy wonders what happened to the mermaid theme, Brandi politely tells her to mind her own business. Amy and Jonah watches Brandi make Cheyenne shop for Green Day items for the party and Amy expresses her anger towards Brandi. As they shelve items, Amy tells Cheyenne that a Green Day theme party is a mistake and that Cheyenne doesn't have to do everything her mother tells her to do.

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This starts Cheyenne on a tirade of bad choices including not going to college. Amy's tries to address the choices but can't get a word in over Cheyenne while Brandi glares at Amy.

Brandi and Amy who's now on Brandi's side meet with Cheyenne and tell her she needs to make better life choices. Amy is surprised when Brandi says Cheyenne has to dump Bo. Cheyenne leaves and gives them the finger. Brandi and Cheyenne have worked out their differences and tease Amy for giving too much advice. Tate makes derogatory comments on Amy getting back into dating and Mateo offers to set Amy up with one of his five single cousins. In the Break Room, Amy objects to Mateo trying to set her up with Castor and suggests his more attractive cousin Rogelio is in her league and asks for Cheyenne's confirmation which she doesn't give.

Mateo tells Amy that she's not a "10" due to her age, being divorced and having a child. As Cheyenne and Mateo rate various employees including Tate as a "10" and Justine as a "3", Amy is aghast when Mateo says that Amy rates just a little higher than Justine.

Mateo tries to set Amy up with another cousin and when Amy passes, Cheyenne says she needs to start dating again. Amy reveals she hooked up the night before which prompts them to guess who before she reveals it was Tate.

As Marcus and Tate confront Amy in public, Cheyenne brings Jonah up to speed on what's happened. Cheyenne asks Kelly if she hates Amy now which she denies. In the store, Mateo tells Cheyenne that he revealed his undocumented status to Jeff who left without commenting on it. He's worried that Jeff has reported him but Cheyenne doesn't think this has happened or else soldiers would have arrested and interned him at Guantanamo and she thinks sponges are crazy.

After Dina and Glenn announce amnesty for any past wrong doings, Cheyenne and Garrett realize that they have until day end to break a store rule and get amnesty.

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In the Break Room, Glenn introduces Pastor Craig to deal with the souls of the staff. Cheyenne points out she's wearing a hat in violation of the dress code. Cheyenne reminds Glenn he was praying to Allah during the tornado for which Pastor Craig says everyone makes mistakes.

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They approach a staff member from behind adjusting a baby stroller and Glenn screams when Cheyenne turns around. Cheyenne admits she works part-time at both stores to made extra money for college.

Another reason she works at Target is that Harmonica gets to go to a good daycare. While eating popcorn, Glenn commiserates with Garrett that they work at an inferior store.

Owen, a Target employee, tells them they can't eat on store display furniture but Cheyenne explains that they are her friends. Owen's heard Cheyenne speak of Glenn but not Garrett. Mateo approaches Garrett and Cheyenne worried about his low score at checkout.

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Cheyenne says not to worry about being bad at one thing and that she is bad at driving but good at texting and driving. In the Break Room, Mateo expresses his frustration over his poor performance at checkout to Garrett and Cheyenne. Garrett convinces him to change his checkout stats on Glenn's computer he when Cheyenne points out that would be cheating. Later, as the staff debate whether it is sexist to call a woman a bitch when she's being one, Cheyenne posits Oprah hosting the Holocaust.

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At a checkout, Mateo stalls demonstrating his scanning technique including turning off the cash register until Cheyenne turns it back on. Amy tells them she's been on a few dates with Alex. Amy asks Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo to describe her. They quip many pejoratives until she points out she's Latina which they don't see her as.

In the Break Room, Amy discusses the conversation she had with Alex with Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo. They aren't helpful in translating what Amy thinks Alex said in Spanish. Cheyenne asks why Amy won't admit to Alex she didn't understand him but she doesn't want to appear less Latina.

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Mateo and Cheyenne's lottery dream would to both buy an island. While picking lottery numbers, Cheyenne and Mateo agree to buy their tickets together so they can remain friends if they win. When the budgeting session focuses on how to save money, Cheyenne mentions a friend who makes money with a live webcam in her home. As Cheyenne and Mateo continue to talk about their dream yacht, Sandra tells them they wouldn't win as much as they think due to taxes and other factors which disappoints them.

The staff and customers watch the lottery draw on the store's TVs and when they don't win, Cheyenne and Mateo mask their disappointment. Glenn has the sex of the baby in an envelope and is about to open it but the staff have various ideas how the gender should be revealed including Cheyenne wanting a paint ball game. Cheyenne asks Dina to change the store's TV from a show on animals giving birth.

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Amy downplays the pain and Cheyenne tries to and discusses her friend Corona eating a tapeworm. Cheyenne laughs nervously when Amy mentions she thought she was pregnant and is gaining weight and calls Emma a dud. In the Break Room, Amy sits in front of many positive pregnancy tests. She admits she doesn't want a baby while Cheyenne starts to make a whiteboard list of who could be the father including Alex and Tate.

At the party, Cheyenne tells Jeff that she and Bo had sex at the reservoir once. When Glenn and Jerusha cut the cake and find a white filling instead of blue or pink indicating the baby's genderCheyenne says it's because they're having a white baby. When Amy announces she's pregnant, Cheyenne says she only told three people.

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Bo and Cheyenne try to give Amy some of Harmonica's baby items but she insists she's not a charity case. At the group photo shoot, Mateo is wearing a suit which Cheyenne says makes him look like a car freshener. After Dina and Glenn decide that a staff video is needed to win the store the Cloud 9 town hall, filming begins with Cheyenne who disappoints Glenn by relating banal occurrences the day the tornado hit the store.

Cheyenne isn't convincing when she recalls how she thought she was going to die and Dina's criticism results in her faking being poisoned. In the Break Room, Amy tells Cheyenne how Alex took the pregnancy news.

When Amy says Adam wants to go back with her but she doesn't want to, Cheyenne says there is still an attraction between them as Amy "went back for seconds". Cheyenne also says that Amy could use Adam's employee discount at PetSmart to buy a lizard cheap. Cheyenne gets impatient when Glenn introduces the staff video and tells him to show it.

Cheyenne is in the video and says she thought she was going to die and later says "yeah, totally". Cheyenne likes the video and says she wants to show Bo as he's never seen her in a video with her clothes on. In the WarehouseAmy and Jonah share their discovery that Cloud 9 is unfairly firing older employees with a number of staff. Cheyenne lists the oldest employees. Cheyenne and Mateo makes plan to disguise Jeff to get him into the town hall and then are condescending towards Garrett's much more difficult plan to patch a hidden camera into the company's camera feed at the town hall.

Jeff tells Cheyenne he feels stupid in the disguise she planned for him so Mateo encourages him. After Jeff betrays the staff and lies why Myrtle was fired in order to get a job at Cloud 9 HQ, he approaches the staff and tries to convince them that his promotion is a good thing for everyone as they now have a man on the "inside top".

Cheyenne asks if he'll get Myrtle her job back but Jeff is evasive. The staff look at him with disgust and Mateo rebuffs Jeff's kiss. Cheyenne supports Mateo with his disdain against Jeff's attempts to win him back. She adds games to Amy's baby shower. Despite much effort, she's unsuccessful at organizing a store carpool. Cheyenne's Halloween costume is very popular. She and Mateo unsuccessfully try to have Amy change her baby's name from "Parker".

Citizenship checks of the employees results in Cheyenne trying to help Mateo hide his undocumented status. Mateo and Cheyenne brainstorm ideas for their imaginary business "Chateo. She's stuck in the store over night during a snowstorm and Dina worries over her being molested. Cheyenne gives Marcus a horrible tattoo.

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Cheyenne and Garrett have difficulties dealing without their phones at work. Cheyenne sets a trap to reveal that Amy is spying on the staff from the Surveillance Office. At Emma's quinceanera, Cheyenne and Mateo try to make Amy cry. Cheyenne replaces Jonah as the store's "green ambassador" but doesn't do anything except post photos on social media.

She's part of Garrett's "Team Yogurt" for the scanner duel.

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In retaliation for Sandra trying to start a union, Cloud 9 Headquarters has ICE visit the store. Cheyenne and the staff try to slip Mateo out but he's ultimately arrested. She indicates Bo did this for their anniversary. Jeff approaches Mateo and Cheyenne and he unsuccessfully tries to befriend them by inviting them to Chicago. Cheyenne treats him with disdain and comments he's been at the store a lot for someone who works five hours away.

After Jeff tries to change the staff's opinion of him by promising a surprise, Cheyenne hopes the surprise is an ice cream truck or cash.

After Amy rejects Noam's sexual advance, he hides in a pup tent and Cheyenne and Dina try unsuccessfully to get him to come out. During the sexual harassment meeting, as the Amy and Jonah sex tape is discussed, Cheyenne points out Jonah was on top.

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She and Mateo ask Jonah if it was weird having pregnant sex. At the end of meeting, she points out Noam is asleep. Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy is on the baby shower registry and her shower is that day. Angry they weren't invited, they confront her.

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In the Break Room, Amy meets with Cheyenne, Justine and Sandra to plan a baby shower which she insists will be small and no-fuss. She's distressed when she hears their impractical gifts and suggests they use the registry and mentions she needs a car seat.

While watching Sandra make the "Amy and Jerusha " baby shower sign, Cheyenne complains that she never had a baby shower so Sandra adds her name to the sign.

Excited, Cheyenne plans to add games to the shower. At the shower, Jerusha makes a speech and invites others join her, so Amy interrupts and suggests opening the gifts and ending the shower. Instead, Cheyenne suggests they plays games.

Bo orders a stripper for Cheyenne but he's disguised as a deliveryman, so Amy tries to use him to leave the shower. In the store, Cheyenne points out that it makes no sense for Amy and Jonah to be carpooling since they live so far apart.

As Garrett starts to meddle, Amy distracts Cheyenne by suggesting she organize a store carpool. Having put a lot of work into planning the carpool, Cheyenne shows Dina who points out many flaws.

Glenn calls together a number of staff and presents Kelly with a made-up award, the Golden Vest, complete with Cheyenne throwing golden confetti at Kelly.

In the Break Room, Cheyenne shows Garrett that's she's worked out the compatibility of certain staff to pool together but he points out that many of the staff she's matched up don't work the same shifts. At the toxic workplace meeting, Cheyenne mimics Kelly's high voice and then does Fran Drescher impressions.

Later, as Cheyenne presents her comprehensive carpool plan, several staff gives reasons why they like driving alone so she leaves, defeated. Dina thinks Cheyenne will easily win the competition so in the garden centre, Amy and Mateo compliment her but seeing her as a threat, they try to discourage Cheyenne from wearing it. They fake worry that she's being objectified which Cheyenne doesn't care about and, that it might offend Sandra, who's Hawaiian.

Amy and Mateo work on Sandra until they convince her that Cheyenne's costume is offensive to Hawaiians. As a result, Cheyenne is excluded from the contest. After Amy and Mateo get others excluded, Mateo turns on Amy. In the Break Room, the staff argue about what is a culturally appropriate costume which leads everyone to believe that it's OK to wear their costumes as long as they honor the cultures they're from.

The contest back on, Cheyenne takes off her jacket to reveal her coconut bra which she thinks Sandra wears all the time. At the contest, Cheyenne sets off a soap volcano to honor Hawaiians.

Amy wins the contest but only because Jonah rigged the votes, Cheyenne actually won due to one of her boobs falling out of her costume. They consider the name "Parker" strange and try to hide their puzzlement over her choice. Mateo discusses the name "Parker" with Cheyenne and comparing it to child abuse, convinces her to join him in getting Amy to change it.

In the Break Room, Cheyenne and Mateo show Amy a presentation that compares the name "Parker" to a homeless person and a bad movie character. Having prepared a placard of replacement names for "Parker", Cheyenne and Mateo sulk away after watching Amy scream at Glenn.

Mateo, who is undocumented, becomes very nervous and Cheyenne makes up errors with the system. Mateo complains to Cheyenne about the special treatment being afforded Sayid and that he should receive it since he's undocumented.

Sayid passes by just as Mateo mentions his status causing Cheyenne to wonder if he overheard and will tell Glenn or Dina. Cheyenne asks Sayid if he had any harrowing experiences in Syria as an excuse to test his hearing.

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Finding Sayid hears well, she indicates to Mateo he might have overheard his status. Mateo and Cheyenne engage in an obviously practiced conversation that Syrians are liars and place doubt in Glenn's mind as to Sayid's trustworthiness. Later in Glenn's OfficeGlenn tells Mateo that Sayid reported his undocumented status. Mentioning that the SSN in his file is wrong, Mateo then hesitantly gives a new SSN which Glenn can see is a lie.

In the hallway outside Glenn's office, Cheyenne tries to comfort Mateo and talks about visiting him in the Philippines. Glenn arrives and tells Mateo that his SSN checked out.

They annoy Garrett when brainstorming a name for their business, until Cheyenne suggests "Chateo. Discovering they have different expectations for how they'd like their company described, they almost end their partnership until a new synonym satisfies them both. After Amy orders too many ice pops, Marcus offers to hide them outside the store while Cheyenne and Mateo plan to distract Glenn.

Heading to Glenn's office, Cheyenne and Mateo keep Glenn out of the store by asking for his business advice. Jonah interrupts Cheyenne and Mateo's session with Glenn to ask him to lunch to discuss a raise.

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Unable to keep Glenn in his office, Cheyenne and Mateo follow him into the store where Justine is trying to sell ice pops by suggestively sucking on them.

Hearing Cheyenne and Mateo plan their business, Jonah asks to join thinking he might be able to make some money. They confess that they just like to talk about various dreams and never intended to really start a business. They ask Jonah if he'd like to start a band with them but Jonah says he doesn't play an instrument. They have to re-iterate that they just like to make plans they don't intend to follow through on.

Jonah agrees to join but after proposing a band name, they kick him out. Entering the management course, which has already started, they meet the instructor, Gary, and Cheyenne disrupts the class by moving her chair to sit near Amy. During a break in the management course, Terence tells Amy that he previously failed the class. Her anxiety raised, she bothers Gary until he angrily ends the break and throws his danish into the garbage. After Cheyenne gives a ridiculous answer to one of Gary's questions, he tells the class to pair up and design a program to increase customer satisfaction.

Amy is distressed when she's stuck with Cheyenne as her partner. Working on their assignment, Cheyenne's ideas are inane and she becomes frustrated when Amy won't accept them.

Reluctantly, Amy includes Cheyenne's ideas in their presentation along with good ideas she has. After giving their presentation, Gary points out the good ideas, which are all Amy's. Cheyenne responds to the compliments which Amy sees as her trying to take credit for them. As Gary critiques the bad ideas, Amy makes it clear they were all Cheyenne's, which embarrasses her.

Asked by Gary to role play, Cheyenne gets back at Amy by embarrassing her and faking hurt reactions to Amy's questions.

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Cheyenne continues to malign Amy during their role-playing which results in Amy responding in kind. At the management class, Gary tells everyone they passed and to pick up their diplomas. Amy and Cheyenne make up and one of their classmates, Sheilatells them the embalmists have invited them out for drinks and to look at the cadavers.

Hurting to see Carol constantly treat Jerry horribly, Sandra's face is so sad that Cheyenne asks to take her picture. Stuck in the store for the evening, Cheyenne says that the store is crawling with raccoons. As everyone finds a place to sleep, Dina worries that Cheyenne will be the target of molestation and tells her to go to the center of the store. Gathered in a circle, Cheyenne proposes doing a Ouija board to the staff.

In the morning, Mateo wakes to find Cheyenne draped across him and has difficulty getting her to move.

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