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Cancer treatment lead Eau Claire woman to larger mission. Sevenwinds Casino Pigskin Picks Football Challenge Many users have found these ideal for basements, freezers, swimming pools, water leak detection, nurseries, green houses, garages, attics and more. Head to our Add-On Sensors Page to shop now!

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The La Crosse View app provides a data monitoring and alerting system that syncs remotely to your compatible La Crosse Technology products. This easy to navigate app organizes your devices by location and provides various features to enhance and customize your data monitoring experience. Watch the video tour below to become more familiar with your La Crosse View app. Having trouble viewing this video?

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Click here to view this on YouTube. The following sections will go over how to create, delete, and manage device alerts and notifications. Alerts can be used to help keep tabs on any data point your system monitors, and can be added in two ways:. Option 1: From the main menu, select the Alerts tab. On the Alerts page, tap the ADD ALERT or PLUS button at the bottom of the screen. Then select the Device, followed by Alert Type. Option 2: When viewing data on a device page, simply tap on any data point and select Add Alert when it pops up on screen.

When adding an alert you will be presented with various options depending on the device and type of alert you chose temperature, humidity, rain, wind, etc. Each alert will require a name, enter this in the Alert Name box at the top. Next, use the various slider bars to set the alert values, or manually enter these by tapping in the boxes.

Once you have all of your alert settings adjusted, be sure to press the Save button at the top. Your saved alerts will be stored and organized by Location, and then by Device.

Access these through the main menu image and tapping on the Alerts tab. When on the Alerts page, you can perform the following actions:.

Turn Alert On or OFF: Tap the slider to the right of an alert name to turn it ON or OFF. Delete Alert : For iOS Apple users, tap the red MINUS button to the left of the alert name, and then press Delete when it appears to the right. Android users, simply press on the alert you wish to delete and swipe quickly to the left. When an alert is triggered, you should notice the following ates within your La Crosse View app:.

Simply tap on this icon to see your alert notifications.

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On the Notifications page your alerts will be displayed in a list with time stamps for when that alert had been triggered. From here, you can swipe the individual alert messages to the left to clear them one by one, or tap on the Clear All text on top to remove all alert messages at once.

You can also tap on the alert message itself to be brought directly to that device page within the app. If the device data is still within the alert range, that data will appear in red. Notifications will contain the Alert Name, Device Name, Alert Type and Reading Value. As devices are added, permissions are established based on who is adding the device. If you add a new device, you will be established as the owner of the device and can invite others to share your device data.

A list of shareable devices will be presented to you on the Share Devices page. Each device row will indicate how many users have been invited to share the device.

Note: You cannot share devices that are not owned by you. Shared device invitations will expire if not accepted within 30 days. Each shareable device has a Manage Users page. Then click on the row of the device you wish to mange. The Manage Users page maintains a list of users you have invited to share a device.

The invitation status is also presented as Unread or Accepted. You can delete invitations by selecting the delete icon. The notification center is located in the main view of your app.

Tap the notification center icon to see your notifications. Select ADD to add device to your account. Select DONE to save changes. If you choose to DELETE the invitation it will clear from your notification center. Sharing permission is established when the owner of a device invites a user to receive that shared device's data.

Once an invitation to share a device is accepted by a user, they can view, export and set their own alerts using data coming from the owner's shared device. Note: Setting alerts on a shared device in your account will only send alerts to your account. When adding weather stations or additional devices, a user may encounter the following sharing permission messages:. Note: Sharing permissions may be deleted by the owner of the device. If you have an issue with sharing permissions on your device, contact customer support to resolve your issue.

Note: A default photo will be used until you change the location background image. Note: If you are not able to "Take Photo" or "Choose Photo", check your mobile device's settings to make sure that the La Crosse View App has access to your camera and storage files. Depending on which model you own, you will be able to add various data stream items.

Note: Not all weather stations support data stream technology. To add data stream items to your weather station: 1.

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Open the La Crosse View App and swipe until you find your station's device page. Scroll down to the Data Stream section and press the blue stream icon in the upper right. Follow the app's instructions to customize your "Data Stream" to display on your station.

Note: Allow up to 10 minutes for new Data Stream selections to appear on your station. Text Streams - Enter up to 20 characters for special events or reminders such as: SOCCER TONIGHT - ICE CREAM IN FREEZER - GREAT JOB MATH TEST - or anything you can think of!

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Note: Character limits and formatting will depend on your weather station model. Additional instructions will be provided in the app. Weather Service Streams - Select from a list of Weather Service forecasting services and Save to add item to your Data Stream page. Note: Services that are already added to your Data Stream page, will not be selectable.

Note: The Data Stream items will be shown in the unit preferences set on your weather station display, not in the unit preferences selected in your app. Find instructions for changing your station's units by searching via your model number. The page is divided into ACTIVE and INACTIVE sections.

The ACTIVE section is for the data stream items currently streaming to your weather station display. The INACTIVE section maintains the data stream items that you have added, but which are not currently streaming to your weather station display. Note: The number of ACTIVE items allowed will depend on your weather station limits.

Move data stream items by pressing the reorder icon a nd dragging item to to desired position.

Delete data stream items by pressing and swiping to delete. Note: Deleted items will be removed from Data Stream page, but can be added again through. To temporarily display one data stream item on your weather station display, go to Pin located at the top of the page and select from items added to your Data Stream page. Select Done to complete this action or Unpin to return to previous data stream status. The Pinned item will be the only data stream item displayed along with the display's timeuntil you return to the Data Stream page and Unpin that item.

Press the camera icon to take the desired photo. Choose how you want to share your photo.

Best sex apps for iphone near north la crosse wi

If you are looking to enjoy the remote monitoring experience of the La Crosse View app, without the added Internet time and forecast data on your in-home display, follow the procedure below. Your connected weather station can provide weather forecasting information from AccuWeather. Unit preferences will be applied to all of the devices in your account even shared devices. Note: Unit preferences will not apply to Data Stream items.

Your Data Stream items will reflect the unit preferences set on your weather station display. See How to Add Data Stream Items to Your Station.

Press Save when finished making changes. The information provided identifies your device and will help you with any customer support or troubleshooting issues.

There are two tabs in the notification center, one for alerts and one for devices. Select Devices to see the Device Notification page.

The Devices Notification page will display a list of time-stamped notifications. You can clear notifications by tapping the clear icon or Clear All. Note: The Device Information card for an on-display device will show a summary of device information based on the device s that appear on your weather station display.

Knowing the app version you are currently using may assist with troubleshooting. Close menu. La Crosse View Connected Rain Gauges Thermometers Weather Radios Weather Stations. La Crosse View. Complete Systems Add-on Sensors Subscription Plans Sensor Compatibility Chart.

La Crosse View Systems La Crosse Alerts Mobile Systems Specialty Items. Product Registration. Technical Support. La Crosse Technology La Crosse View La Crosse Mobile Alerts International Support. Customer Service.

Product Support Web Store Inquiries Dealer Inquiries. Log in. Close cart.

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La Crosse View Setup Guide La Crosse View Setup Guide. Breeze Pro Sensor For users with our LTV-WSDTH01 outdoor sensor, you'll want to remove the insulation tab from the rechargeable coin cell battery compartment and make sure the sensor's switch is flipped to the ON position. Add-On Sensors If you've purchased additional sensors for monitoring other areas of your home, you'll want to install batteries in these during this initial setup as well.

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