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David Morgan- Good looking says he's a 57 yo. widower, from Germany- with a son Clinton in boarding school. Oil rig Engineer as profession will not answer any direct questions, very shady, answers every thing with "my dear. Friended through Facebook. I will not accept requests anymore from people I do not really know Local fuckbuddy in north charleston.

He begged for money. Told me his daughter was in the hospital and needed to take a helicopter because his bank account was frozen. Omg it's the same stories that most of you ladies have experienced. They are so obvious. I told Thomas Zhang I would have my best friend in the UK check on his daughter that was supposedly in the hospital.

He then said she was in a private ward and no one could see her but he needed USD to pay her doctor. Then he started begging.

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He then tried to say it was a life and death matter and that I was cruel. I said that I was absolutely cruel and I didn't care about his daughter or him and I definitely do not give money to people I don't know.

He had no shame, he kept begging. He then started with the I love you and I want to know you garbage. Lol completely repulsive. But I had a great time baiting them and letting them beg for hours.

I even took a partial picture of my hefty bank account to rile him up some more, account number and name redacted and he couldn't stop once he knew I had REAL money.

A taste of his own medicine. Then he had the nerve to say he thought I was a scammer lol DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS AND SPREAD THE WORD. May 18, Rating Wanting a life together by: Anonymous My police department told me to file a complaint against Kelvin Frederickson to IC3.

Keep all the documents for the scammer in your life and use them to complete the complaint. Keep the originals safe. gov will investigate. It takes a long time but they will do what they need to do. You all can report every scammer from all types of scam. This is our only recourse to get these animals. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE VICTIMS OUT THERE. May 15, Rating Travis Foley by: Anonymous I think this is the same man who told me he is an oil rig engineer and said he is a widow, wife died of polycystic kidney disease 5 years ago and has 2 sons.

He sent me a message and asked me to send a friend request which is something I don't do a lot with people I don't know but good looks said what the hell. A little chat that night and the next day he vanished and his entire profile was gone. I had ran a background check but it found nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING as if he didn't exist.

It was odd but ok he vanished anyway. Then about a week later his picture appears back on the messenger page we had chatted on so I asked him what happened and he gave me a BS story that made no sense at all.

I called him out on it and at times then he said he would tell me the real story as to why profile was deleted and this story was even more ridiculous than the first. Something about he had a contract with Dynamic Oil and there had been a explosion on the rig and he was just so stressed out he had to delete his account on FB. I was like WHAT?

WHAT does that have to do with the account and he got all defensive and said I don't know what kind of stuff I am trying to pull right now but I was so disappointed at that point I just told him what a liar and idiot he was and blocked him. May 05, Rating Never who they say!

by: Anonymous Not surprising they are never who they say they are and they always make up a name. It is maddening! May 05, Rating Oil rig scammer by: Anonymous Oil rig scammer. I finally found the owner of the pictures It was not him. I confronted him about it and he tried to tell me that I was mistaken him for someone else. Apr 25, Rating Using Jim Newman photos as romance scammer on a oil rig.

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by: Unhappy fell for scam. Oil rig field engineer said he was Davis Robinson and showed pictures of a singer and song writer Jim Newman as him.

Said he lost his wife and two daughters in a car accident but had a 14 year old son. Pictures of a 8 year old. All lies but needed 2K to leave the rig for a vacation.

Awful person.

Dating sites for casual sex everett wa

I found out by a picture look up. Haha scammer busted. George Chang and Mario Zhang From Shanghai. They are all the same person, so not sure what the stories are now. Pictures will tell they are the same person. Also some other ones named as Michael Cheng from Lund Sweden, they are scammers too. Another clue is if you see the Liked comments, you would see "Nigera Guys's" thumps up so must be a group or organization using the same picture to do the scam.

Be Careful. Bogus phone numbers and has house in New York and in Texas but needs money. Please stay away from Richard Albert complete fake. He works on the rig for 3 months and one month off. Be careful ladies. Mar 30, Rating Marcelo Bernault by: Anonymous This is the guy I am currently talking to. Very sweet talking, I told him I was scammed before was not. So I am on my guard. He says he is currently in South Africa. At a mining camp etc. The man is still wanting to chat even though he knows that I will not send money.

A part of me wants to play along and make him believe that I believe everything he is telling me. Mar 26, Rating Facebook oil rig Engineer Foley Travis by: Kimberly Reed I previously commented on this page about Foley Travis and an oil rig scam. Mar 25, Rating Sherri - wow sounds like mine. Larry by: Anonymous If you have Sherri's story below and add kids and a dead wife you have mine. He is vague and bitcoins are his thing.

Called me a couple of times but accent was soft.

Not Bulgarian, almost French. Like abel tesfaye The Weeknd Oh and HangOuts. Not whatsapp. The phone number is a google number.

Said never married, no kids. Said was 54yo. Wouldn't ever say location, but allegedly lived in NC. Said all the right things. Asked if on WhatsApp, told him no. Asked for my cell so we could text. Was vague with answers on anything personal. I was suspicious from start but hoped I was wrong. Asked my net worth which I didn't tell him.

Asked me about helping him buy a bitcoin which I didn't even know what that was, and went downhill from there. Name shown as Deright. When I asked his last name, said Chandler. No FB profile, could not find him anywhere online. Anybody seen these pix? Never said Nigerian though.

Called once for about 5 seconds. Had an accent but not Nigerian and certainly not southern as he said he was from GA USA. He never got any money out of me but played me pretty good. Mar 20, Rating Pictures by: Anonymous Is there a way to post pictures on this site. Thank you. Thanks for the warning, I hope you are able to get your money Back. Mar 20, Rating Peter Antonio by: Anonymous Met on fB dating site. I fell for this scam and he was good.

I lost 10k and I am sick about this. He stated he was from Oklahoma. Claims to be in the gulf of Mexico. Wife died. A nanny. Had me log into his bank account to see he had 7. Still researching this with the IT dept because it has some things that are sketchy but still could be legit.

NOt sure if he got this persons login info? Phone number an email address: peterantonio gmail. Mar 18, Rating Wanting a life together by: Anonymous Kelvin Frederickson got me into The money was for apple watch6 [3 of them] plus gift cards, and he said he was from Belgium. He said he was a widower and lost his wife and 3 of his 4 children with her in a car accident.

He said he was living in Florida.

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I checked his phone number and it is a landline from Georgia USA. He said he needed money to call his company to send new parts that broke. Now he says he needs more money and to call them again. We met on words with friends. What a lier. If any of you come a cross this name block and report him. Mar 14, Rating Oil rig engineer by: Anonymous Jag blev kontaktad av en Erik Gerhardt fodd i Frankfurt Tyskland som ska bo i Texas Usa som jobbar pa en oljerigg i Sicilien.

Som ville ha alla mina uppgifter for att kunna skicka nagra dokument fran hans foretag i Indonesien. Han sa valdigt vackra ord fran borjan han sokte upp mig via Instagram sen har vi haft kontakt via whatsapp.

men soker man pa personen sa finner man inget. och bilderna han skickat pa sig sjalv. kan ju vara vem som helst. jatte snygg. basta att blockera vill inte raka illa ut. Mar 06, Rating Be careful of this Person by: Anonymous Michael Cheng, Lives in Lund Sweden from Huangzhou. They are all the same person, so not sure what stories now. Also some other ones Named as Michael Cheng from Lund Sweden, they are scammers too. Mar 02, Rating Lonely heart oil riggers by: Anonymous Beware also of these two men oil riggers - Thomas Celucci and Deni Gold.

Feb 24, Rating Rig Engineer Scam Sicily by: Anonymous Hi ladies, be careful this guy! I'm so lucky that I realized he is a scammer just several days after we become Facebook friend!

Below is from this guy's introduction. Hello, I'm Albert, I live in Lund Sweden but am originally from Lund Sweden. I'm 51 years old, cm in height widower and without kids. But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future, just as all fingers are not the same, All Men are never the same as well. I obtain my bachelors in civil engineering, And lived part of my life in Scotland and in Lund Sweden before I lost my parents.

My mother from Scotland and my father from Hangzhou China. My mother always advice and tell me to be careful when it comes to women, As she implored me to take after my father earning deep respect for every woman, Because My dad was the only man she ever trusted, even they where dating before married, Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university my dad advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stick to that advise.

Presently, I am currently working on a big oil project in Italy, which i pray by the grace of God to finish the contract soon. I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes some few months to complete before I come back to Sweden again. I am never afraid of hard work, Because i have promise to always support any woman i get married to, Like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works, My father was a rig engineer just like me and he was also an estate developer, he developed a mini estate which he left behind for me!

My wife cheated on me even when i gave her the best and she ended up taking drugs and drinking excessively, I regret the memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 4 years now and i have been alone all these years, That really hurt me and i decided never to come closer to any woman again. I have just been too busy with my project work design on the rig.

l hope we can make something out of this friendship? l live a very simple and free life. A happy man always as you can see on my pictures because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past i made up my mind to move on, life has so much to offer.

l enjoy cornbread,Popcorn, Macaroni and cheese. Don't worry you will get to know more about me as time goes on. l do have a workout, gym, play football though am not a football fan just to keep fit. when am at home, i use my PC rest. l love to rest, it helps me relax my brain, I will wait to see your reply as well. Wish you all lucky! Feb 24, Rating Rig Engineer Scam Sicily by: Anonymous Hi ladies, be careful of this guy!

Thanks dating sites for casual sex everett wa well understand

I'm so lucky just several days after he became my Facebook friend, then I realized he is a scammer. I fell for the handsome pictures mine sent me, I was lucky I only lost a few thousand before I woke up, these men and women have a script they go by. I thought my handsome prince was going to sweep me off my feet, and we would live happily ever after. The man I was involved in was on an oil rig and he had mechanical problems with his machinery and the list goes on then he was in jail for not paying taxes.

I realize now that I sent the money he wanted to a mule, but I had no idea how anything worked. Thanks to this link and educating myself I broke free.

Strange how difficult it is to get over these love scams. Bless all you out there that had to learn the hard way. Feb 24, Rating Mom currently being scammed by: Anonymous I talked with my MOm last night and showed her these comments.

What really got her was when I asked her if he called her "My Dear". She just looked at me. This was right after I asked if they had face timed yet and she said there was "static" interference, "you know, he's on a rig in the middle of an ocean". I think I got through, though. Thank you to the person who posted these comments. I wish I could post the pics I have of him. Oh, and one other thing. I was able to see his new profile on FB with all of 3 photos on her phone, but not mine!

NOt my sister's, not my nephew's, he freakin' blocked us!!! That was after he changed his name from Wilson G Nathan to Wilson Nathan on FB! My mom just texted me she dropped him and will show me the text thread tonight. Thank God! Feb 23, Rating Mom being scammed by: Anonymous Hopefully your mother will come to her senses, in the meantime if she has a computer or I pad, then are lots of stories on YouTube of women who have fallen for these men.

Maybe she could see what these other women have been through. I hope it works out and she blocks him. Feb 23, Rating Mom currently being scammed by: Anonymous This all sounds too familiar on this thread. My mother is out of her mind giddy about the amount of attention and loving words this person is giving her. Says he is "sooooooooo sweet to me".

Makes me want to vomit. We tried to tell her even show her on a quick google search this is not real and not to give anyone any money. She had a second of doubt, then the guy sent another pic and even called her briefly. Had to keep the conversation brief because the person showed up to sign the contract for his next rig job. Now she believes it all again. Sends her songs to go to sleep by and wake up by. Anyone else getting this as well? Of course, he's a widower, currently on an oil rig off the Texas shore, then headed to Canada to his next assignment.

My mom was posting pictures on FB and tagging him, only to find out his FB profile quickly disappeared! Nothing on FB, IG, nothing!

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I'm desperately trying to get her to realize this is a scam before she does something she regrets. Please help! Feb 10, Rating George Muller by: Anonymous Born in Sweden, lives in California, currently on an oil rig in Italy as chief engineer, due to finish his contract in 3 months then will retire.

Has a son Alex 12 who is in boarding school in Turkey! wtf wife died four years ago also cheated on him with his best frien dad died in a rig accident and mum died of shock one year later. Constantly says "my dear" which I found rather odd in this day and age. Wants a new wife to live happy as a family again. I caught on after a couple days realising that the English was quite broken and not getting any answers to questions I asked.

Since then I have come across at least three other guys profiles which had the same red flags, and blocked straight away. Be safe and NEVER give anything to these people!!

Feb 05, Rating Foley Travis by: Anonymous I was contacted by that man, but he went under an Indian name, and I looked up his profile on Facebook under the name Foley Travis, and it looks like he pasted some children on with him.

When I spoke with him he was single. Yes he wanted iTunes cards. I also blocked him, but I see he is still on Facebook. Feb 05, Rating Facebook oil rig Engineer Foley Travis by: Kimberly Reed I had Foley Travis on Facebook want to be my friend and said he was in love with me after chatting a few weeks online. He said he lives in San Diego, Calif. but from Bremen Germany. He would not take no for an answer. I must have told him no 10 times but he keeps trying to get money from me.

I finally blocked him. He said no matter how cruel you talk to me I still love you. I blocked him on Feb. He still has a Facebook page. He even put on Facebook chat.

I copied and pasted his driver license and passport photos info. Feb 05, Rating Mr. James Muller aka Oil Rig Guy by: Anonymous He also said he was 58, a widow and his words, has a kid. Feb 05, Rating Petrochemical Engineer aka James Muller by: Anonymous I was playing Words with friends and this guy started chatting me up.

I went directly to the message and screen shot them because I had a funny feeling. After we chatted he went to "Hangouts" invited me to email as it would be easier for him. I went back to check out my Words game and actually saw his information being deleted before my eyes. What kind of BS so I googled James Muller Petroleum Engineer and I found all of you! Ironically I knew what was happening but still kinda followed him cyber space.

I was just playing "Words with Friends " I swear! They all fool women with the same story. They use same pictures of a handsome Asian man to entice women to talk to them. Who takes out millions from their personal funds to fund a project? He deleted his "George Chang" Facebook account after he started communicating with me.

Sometimes his English was good, other times it was broken English. I blocked him once I figured out he was a scammer. ABOUT ME Hello, my dear, I'm George, I live in Lund Sweden but am originally from Hangzhou China, a widower and without kids. I obtain my bachelor's in civil engineering And lived part of my life in Scotland and in Lund Sweden before I lost my parents. My mother always advised and tell me to be careful when it comes to women, As she implored me to take after my father earning deep respect for every woman, Because My dad was the only man she ever trusted, even they were dating before married, So I decided to find a woman who wanna love me as my mother did to my father, Irrespective of her age, Location and nationality, Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university, my dad advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stick to that advise.

Presently, I am currently working on a big oil project in Italy, which I pray by the grace of God to finish the contract soon. I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes a few months to complete before I come back to Sweden again.

I am never afraid of hard work, Because I have promised to always support any woman I get married to Like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works, I am not here for just dating, But for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage. My father was a rig engineer just like me and he was also an estate developer, he developed a mini estate which he left behind for me! My mum was architecture so they were always working hand in hand before they gave birth to me, and help me become an engineer.

My wife cheated on me even when I gave her the best and she ended up taking drugs and drinking excessively, I regret the memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 4 years now and I have been alone all these years, That really hurt me and I decided never to come closer to any woman again Until my co-partner advised me to get a soul mate and move on with my life. A happy man always as you can see in my pictures because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past I made up my mind to move on, life has so much to offer.

l enjoy cornbread, Popcorn, Macaroni, and cheese. l do have a workout, gym, play football though I am not a football fan just to keep fit. when am at home, I use my PC to rest. l love to rest, it helps me relax my brain. I will be waiting for your response. MORE ABOUT ME I still would love to tell you more about myself, because I want you to know me deeply, to see if being closer to the dream man you ever desire to make a friend with.

Since I was little I used to work in the family's garden in Scotland, helping my parents. I got to help them with the maintenance of the garden, as they go about the building projects, to support my education in England. I worked so hard to support myself, most times I pay my bills and support the needing and the poor. I cook, clean the house, wash dishes.

Dating sites for casual sex everett wa me, please where

I like to spend time away from home because I work too much and is my hobby, I do believe that works absorb me. I enjoy comedy and epic movies, I also like country music [Westlife and Celine Dion] my favorites.

During the summer, I like to go to the beach, or a fresh waterfall, I enjoy cooking and eating in a good restaurant. I can thrill you with a good meal because am a good cook. However, I like to be spontaneous and go wherever I want to go without planning. I work almost 21hrs offshore now. I like to maintain my body and soul and it helps me relax, calm, and a good mood. I like to travel because you learn to appreciate what you have and to value other cultures.

I always travel at least twice a year. I do not smoke, I'm not a perfect guy neither am I looking for a perfect woman, but I'm looking only for one woman. Quality before quantity is my manifesto. MORE TO KNOW ME Hello my angel Good morning to you dear, I hope you slept very fine. I want you to know that I care so much for you, and I want to share with you every part of my life because you, and we both have a lot in common, I am very sure when we are together life will be very sweet because I care a lot about you.

I have always wanted another wife since the death of my family. First was my father, my father was a Rig Engineer just like me, he was a great man, he died on a rig crash in Texas, the United States and that was the beginning of my sad moment. After the death of my father, my mother was shocked, she developed a heart attack, she died one year after the death of my father, so sad for me, I was the only son, I was the only child of my parents, after that I started being a man.

Years after, I became an Engineer, I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Liverpool, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and started growing my own family.

I got married and God gave me a son, after that, I was living very happily and loving home with my family, I am a very hard working man, I loved my wife and my son so much that I could do anything just to make them happy. I gave my family the best of life ever, just the way am going to give you the best life ever, we were living very happily, we traveled mostly every vacation, I take my family on a trip, every trip I go I take them along with me.

My work was moving very smoothly, I invested and won contracts from different oil companies around the world mostly three times every year, and that was a great achievement for me.

I worked on the sea and execute the project for so many oil companies in the world. My worst moment started when I was back from a one month project in Brazil, it was very sad for me to see my wife cheating on me, with my best friend it was one of my worst moment ever, I was deeply hurt. I never expected that from my ex-wife after the love that we both shared and everything we built together as one family. After that, she asked for a divorce and I rejected that because of the love I have for my son, I never wanted another man to raise my child that was the reason I disagreed to the divorce, all she did was to drink and smoke, I tried all I could to stop her but she never listened to me.

One day, she was driving and at the same time drunk and at the same time coming back to pick up our son from school they both had an accident and died at the same time, that was my worst moment ever in my life, their death shocked me that I lasted three weeks at the hospital I never believe that they were dead, and after then I left Sweden to Paris France for a holiday because I was all alone.

Ever since the death of my family, I stop having friends because I felt my best friend betrayed me and that was the cost of the death of my family, I was all alone working so hard just to get my mind off their memory's but it was not easy for me to do because I loved my family so much. Till this moment that I found you, you were the first woman for me since the death of my. Every romantic love is hardly reaching, but a big liar might simulate love with persistence in flatteries.

God bless you all. Everything truly in heaven is not easy reaching but a very lie persisted in flatteries sum up the drilling moneys. God bless all. Jan 18, Rating Wow i just blocked him by: Anonymous He also approached me and said he was Thomas Walker.

The same experience. I blocked him immediately. Jan 11, Rating I don't understand by: Anonymous This happened to me. The guys name is Louis Maxwell so be aware ladies. I feel sorry for all the people's pictures they used for their scam and these are innocent people. I did not send them any money and deleted the scammer. Please ladies be careful. He says he has a daughter that is 6 years old and her name is Mia and his wife and him divorced because his wife is on drugs. He supposedly lives in Baytown Texas and his birthday is January 9th and he sent me a picture and in his picture I realized that his name tag said Roman but he was using the last name Flores.

He's never met anybody like me blah blah blah and he always says is all right is all right. I just want anybody to know that is this dude a scammer. I'm not sure yet but if anybody has heard of this name or got the same story I need to know thank you. Jan 04, Rating He failed by: No way Widower originally from Norway; grew up in UK; son lives with Mum in UK. Landed a huge job in Alaskan Sea. Whoops bank account mysteriously frozen and entire job is now in jeopardy.

Watch out for the names Kelvin and Alvin. Block and send no money. Wife is either dead or divorced, Children have a nanny, Petroleum engineers, Doctors, Military personnel. The list goes on, and they know exactly how to profess their love, until you turn them down then you are the one that is no good. Years ago I lost a few thousand dollars and I bought a lot of Itune cards, because I believed every word my scammer told me, now I look back and ask myself WHY? I always thought I was fairly intelligent and had no idea how I could have been so gullible.

It was a great wake up call for me. Dec 23, Rating Francis Gustavo from Kent, WA by: Anonymous We met on the FaceBook dating app. We communicated for a couple of days, really hit it off. We were both single parents and had been hurt, you know, trust issues. So, the last thing he would ever want to do is hurt someone else, right? A few days in, he tells me he is a Petroleum Engineer and has been on an oil platform for the last 3 months, kids are taken care of by a nanny - and oh!

how he misses them. He soon asked me for my cell for the ease of communication. Dummy me, I gave it to him. He was showering me with beautiful, poetic texts first thing each morning, last thing at night and throughout the day.

Honestly, how did the guy get any work done? He frequently asked what I was having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was both weird and endearing at the same time, because it was easy to get swept up in the attention. He would even ask about my dog every day He also told me his birthday was coming up. First he said it was December 28th, then a few days later he said it was the 17th. I think I attributed some of the conflicting information to the language barrier. He is allegedly from Cortazar, Guanajuato originally, according to his fake dating app profile anyway He called me on the phone after letting me know I might be disappointed in his accent, and his voice was so deep and masked with such a thick accent that I had a terrible time understanding anything he was saying.

When I told him I was not aware I had agreed to this, he acted hurt and confused. He had no idea I would turn out this way and be double minded and break promises to him when I was his sun, moon and stars and he would die protecting me from any harm that might ever possibly even think about coming my way Despite numerous requests, he was unable to ever provide me with any definitive proof that he actually is who he claims to be.

He sent me several photos that could easily be taken off of any social media site. A gorgeous man! Every picture he sent just got better. I have searched for this man's face on line and this name: Francis Gustavo. He does not exist. He's had his fictitious daughter text me today asking me why I have shattered her father's heart. Jaffe in in Seattle, Washington. The company sold a wide variety of items from stereo and photographic equipment to holiday gifts.

Jafco sent catalogs to all of their clients following for pickup at their stores or by mail-order. Though retail locations stocked the more common items, Jafco's usual technique of processing orders started with customers ordering through mail and picking it up at the store.

As a matter of fact, his house is right now considered a national monument. James W. Washington, Jr. Jay Jacobs flagship store was at the corner of 5th and Pine for over 50 years Jefferson Park Golf Course Clubhouse Gathering Place Beacon ave S. Jimmie Woo's Jade Pagoda Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops The bar was actually in the back of the Chinese restaurant. Some other people might have more memories of the restaurant - mine are only of the bar. The decor was amazing - seedy in that perfect Chinese back-bar kind of way.

Featuring one the surliest bartenders ever, but also one of the greatest. He would walk around the bar banging a heavy chain against tables at last call. I think that was one of his first major purchases. So he became a multi-millionaire. But George-George started out as a longshoreman. I used to work with him. Kidd Valley Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States My guilty pleasure Kincora Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops No one cared about much of anything here.

Great metal night. KING 5 TV station Other Business Original building was a furniture store. Expanded in the s. King Cobra Venues, Theaters, Clubs It took over the space from Sugar after a shooting in Photo circa Mar. Kingdome Gathering Place S King St, Seattle, WA The Kingdome was a multi-purpose stadium used by Seattle teams such as the Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics, and Sounders.

It was established inwhere the CenturyLink Field is now, and held several major sporting events as well as smaller concerts and venues. They argued that it was not providing enough profit and that the deteriorating infrastructure was a liability.

Finally, the Mariners moved to Safeco Field in and the Seahawks took temporary refuge in the Husky Stadium until CenturyLink Field opened in Kingfish Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Nicest people ever, best food. Didn't have a liquor license, but served anyway, which explains the short-lived part. I remember it as a cramped, fascinating cubbyhole of exotic punkness which was a dream to this young boy from suburbs.

Labuznik Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Lake Union Pub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Legendary shows happened here including a few punk "riots". When the city annexed with Seattle they just extended the grid from Downtown across West Seattle and put the same streets in. Well, there was no street there. It was all one property all the way to Admiral Way.

When they put the street through, the carriage house was sitting in the middle of the street. There used to be eight of those original log houses down there, including the homestead, and our log house.

And I grew up two doors away from that one. And as I was growing up and selling real estate I saw them getting bulldozed, one after the other. And the inspector came in. And the roof is held on by a couple of nails. How many tattoos outlast the buildings where we get them? Ink is so delicate. So is our skin our flesh our lives. Still we think of tattoos as forever. The exterior of the building was a rich deep green and dark red. When you went in, the light was always a little dimmer, a little redder than the light of the real world.

The smell of tomatoes was as heavy in the air as the scent of dust before rain. It smelled like heaven. Tomato heaven, hot bread heaven, candles burning down to a bit of smoky wax heaven. Every tray carried past you to another table was a curiosity; a new delight dripping close enough to touch. You could seat quite a few people at one time but the configuration of the restaurant made eating anywhere feel more intimate than if you were in a large open space.

There was another room with tables and chairs and another farther in the back with more booths. It had black and white spots painted on the walls with an inflated cow hanging from the ceiling and, like the rest of the place, had shelves of cow motif bric-a-brac. Maharaja Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops I think they were dealing coke out of the back room.

Malmo was credited with being first in the Northwest to propagate and grow his own nursery stock rather than import ornamental shrubs from Japan, the Netherlands and England. Inhe opened the first "garden department store" on the Pacific Coast, selling all that was needed for the "most elaborate garden, from seeds to large trees," as he humbly asserted during the opening festivities.

His son Clark bought 30 acresm2 to cultivate at the present site of University Village shopping mall. Many of the gorgeous mature yards surrounding old Laurelhurst homes in Seattle today were the work of the Malmos.

Inthe Malmos sold their business to Ernst Hardware and Pay 'n Save stores and became a wholly owned subsidiary. Mama's Mexican Kitchen Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA Slated to close in September and be replaced by a J Crew outlet, Mama's holds nearly 70 years of Belltown's neighborhood history and Seattle's rock and roll and poetry scene incidents.

Mexican Kitchen that had been open sincedishing out enormous, cheese-smothered combo plates and strong margaritas with a side of Elvis-kitsch. Mamacita's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Stewart St. Manray Video Bar Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops E Pine St, Seattle, WA The sleek and contemporary Manray Video Bar was one of gay Seattle's hottest destinations for socializing and schmoozing.

For many years, this was an essential stepping stone for any band - the place where almost anyone could play and cut their teeth before moving on to larger venues. The importance of that type of place cannot be overstated to a music community. On top of the that, the drinks were strong, the food was actually really good, and the "secret" back bar was especially magical.

Also a famous hangout for the Mosquito Fleet. Sorely missed. Mars Chinese Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Matzoh Momma's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Still a catering business, but no longer an anchor of the Sephardic community and 15th Ave in general.

Maxim's Venues, Theaters, Clubs Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA, United States Maxim's offered live bands, open mic, comedy, karaoke, spoken word and showcased new authors, good food, and great drinks.

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There were playing cards stuck to the detailed plaster of its cathedral ceiling. For a while, the sidewalk out front was covered with plywood to prevent anyone from falling through to the basement. I used to tell people to skip the Underground Tour and just go downstairs. When it changed owners, we heard that they found a dead rat behind the deep fryer, one of those big, fat, Pioneer Square rats. The management let us smoke cigarettes right outside the doorway, and on a summer day the sunlight hit the high-top table just right.

When it rained, it became a snug corner, a sanctuary against the cool, gray air. It was the best place in all of Seattle at moments like that. Oldfield, from an essay in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology Mesob Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Their backroom "tiki bar" was my favorite spot while I lived for 13 years on Remington Court and 13th Avenue.

The bar was one of the favorites of the local taxi drivers, and served delicious Ethiopian wine called Axumite. I found out that the building had been a convenience store for many years before it was Mesob, and the subject of Gashuffer's song "14th and Jefferson.

This place is where most of SubPop met as teenagers. National acts like Husker Du, Violent Femmes, The Replacements, Gun Club, D. Bruce Pavitt would DJ there, and foster teenage crews that would turn into Green River, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, and more. Short and sweet, Metropolis had a massive impact on youth sub culture in the early 80s, employing sweat equity trading in exchange for admission.

The last show was Alien Sex Fiend on March 6, Moe's Mo'Rockin' Cafe Venues, Theaters, Clubs E Pike St, Seattle, WA Now the site of Neumos "new Moe's. Mogie's Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Great fries Mon Hei Chinese Bakery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Montan Boarding House Gathering Place Dallas Ave S, Seattle, WA he Montan Boarding House was built in the s.

In its hundred-plus years it and the small house on the same plot behind it have served as a grocery store, a community meeting place, housing for city prisoners as well as women working at the Boeing plant during World War II, and-possibly-a barber shop and a speakeasy. The current owners, who collect and research the history that Janie has picked up from the neighborhood, also heard that the place served as an ad-hoc brothel.

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4th and Lander, Seattle WA Great food and local bands on weekends. It always seemed very laid-back. One of my friends from the nearby UW Lander Hall dorm went there for a sandwich, but after standing at the counter without seeing anybody, he heard some noises coming from around the corner. He peeked around the corner, and beheld the presumed employee as part of a beast with two backs.

Wow, those were good sandwiches. Spots Chai House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops It is still made for in Greenwood and sold wholesale but this was their cafe; a great place with an old hippie Seattle vibe. MV Kalakala Gathering Place MV Kalakala was notable for her unique streamlined superstructure, art deco styling, and luxurious amenities.

The vessel was a popular attraction for locals and tourists, and was voted second only to the Space Needle in popularity among visitors to Seattle during the Seattle World's Fair. The ship is known as the world's first streamlined vessel for her unique art deco styling. From Wikipedia NAF Venues, Theaters, Clubs The cafe itself had been there for a while, and I get the impression that it was well loved already by the community when my neighbors bought the business and devoted it to high-quality coffee.

If you love an espresso, you should have envied my luck, to share a wall with this cafe. Had a wicked set of stairs from street level to 2nd floor restaurant. New Crompton Venues, Theaters, Clubs 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA New Crompton, home of DIY shows and a rich history of activism. Was previously called Crompton, and also Mystery Machine at one point. The last of it's kind in Rainier Valley.

New Luck Toy Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops California Ave SW, Seattle, WA Chinese restaurant with back bar that did karaoke 7 nights a week. Inexpensive, stiff drinks. For decades West Seattle's best dive bar. Nitelite Lounge Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops A favorite place to grab a drink after work or before a show at the Moore Theater, next door. The decor was Gothic-themed with a Gothic arcade separating the bar from the dance floor.

Unbeatable happy hour prices. OK Hotel Venues, Theaters, Clubs Alaskan Way S, Seattle WA This was also a mostly All Ages shows venue in the 90s. All of the live footage from Singles was filmed here. Mookie Blaylok played here frequently before having to change their name to Pearl Jam. First time Nirvana played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live was here. Sublime, GooGoo Dolls, and hundreds more.

Queens of the Stone Age played their first show ever here. Closed in after the Nisqually earthquake damaged the building. However the hotel upstairs still operates as apartments and artist spaces.

Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA Though some Seattleites like Paul Constant were confused at how anyone could build up a serious attachment to a chain restaurant, Sanjay Bhatt's Seattle Times story about a potential OSF closure prompted a huge outcry.

The restaurant quickly reassured people that it was included in the landlord's remodeling plans, but a few months later news broke that the pastaria by the Olympic Sculpture Park really would be closing in December Old timers Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Super awesome staff, now it's possibly the worst second hand shop owned by a rich white woman I've ever seen. When the Japanese people who had farmed the land were incarcerated during World War II for no other reason than their ancestry, the land transformed into a swamp.

My brother went with a sixteen-year-old to the theatre; [she was his babysitter], and when the movie was over, she went off to talk with some friends and she let him go home alone. And he went wandering through this area and he fell in the bog [at W Barton St]. He was found the next day eventually they made [the bog] into Westwood Village People were taken.

And without their stewardship of that land, so was my brother. Osteria La Spiga Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Broadway, Seattle, WA, United States Before moving up to 12th they had a wonderful rustic restaurant on Broadway and Union famous for the bread, and the one giant table everyone gathered around. The space is now occupied by the South Park Community Center.

In an interview for Ghosts of Seattle Past, Janie Genovese Craig recalled taking her first communion there and being forced to wear the same thing as everyone else. Nothing like it still exists. MISS it SO much! Patty Summer's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Pike Place Market, 94 Pike Street, Seattle, WA Patty Summers is an amazing woman and for years decades?

her place was an amazing hole in the wall in the Pike Place Market. She would come off stage where she was singing and serve you a drink herself! Peace Heathens Bazaar and Regalia Gathering Place Today there isn't even a complete sidewalk between the two.

Peerless Pie Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Sit and enjoy Pecan Pie and look out the window to people watch on Broadway. Came by one day in and there was a sign on the door that said closed due to not paying taxes. Original owner was murdered inand his business partner who took over was murdered in unrelated. It is now Uncle Ike's pot shop.

Piecora's NY Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Great pizza, great vibe and great memories! Pippy's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA Pizza and Pipes Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops The one in Seattle was located up on 85th in Greenwood.

The Greenwood restaurant closed in the late s and the Bellevue restaurant was closed in htm Planet Georgetown aka Uncle Moe's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Playland Amusement Park Gathering Place Polish Hall Gathering Place 18th Ave, Seattle, WA Founded in on NW 62nd St in Ballard, it welcomed several waves of Polish immigrants seeking work in the gold and lumber rushes, escaping persecution in Europe, and trying to find a base to change conditions in their homeland.

In the segregated mid-century music scene it sometimes hosted Black and mixed-race bands. Eventually renamed the Polish Home and then the Polish Cultural Center. prova Other Business Ragin' Cajun Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Bergeson, who has been deaf since birth, is one of six workers with disabilities at Ragin' Cajun. That group also includes the owner and chef, Danny Delcambre, who is deaf and legally blind.

There is a deaf and blind weekend dishwasher, Robert Terrazas, two other deaf waitresses, Sandra Gordon and Ali Hamar, and Sam Fournier, a year-old developmentally disabled man, also a dishwasher.

Seattle The best video rental store around, second only to Scarecrow. They still have one location open but closed their Fremont and Ballard locations.

I spent many hours there browsing their amazing movie selection. Rainier Lanes Venues, Theaters, Clubs Raison d'etre cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops They are often referred to as "ramps to nowhere". However, there are two ramps currently used for the Westbound off ramp connection to the Washington Park Arboretum while the other serves as an on ramp only to SR Eastbound. The others are unused. They were originally part of a plan to build the R.

Citizens rallied a freeway revolt against the plan on May 4, Construction near the Arboretum later continued but citizen protest eventually won out and the plan was dropped in From Wikipedia Razmatazz Strip Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs Founded by feminists, socialists and anarchists, this independent, feminist and multicultural bookstore was one of Capitol Hill's gathering places.

Known for children's books and for serving the lesbian, progressive and queer communities, this was also the neighborhood bookstore for those living on the Hill. Red and Black Bookstore Collective was located in the University District, on 12th and on three locations on 15th Ave E.

This feminist,gay, multicultural. Left leaning bookstore operated from and was famous for it's selection of books, it's pilot all bumper stickers, author events and community resource notebooks. Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place E Pine St, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving poetry theatre, housed at then-Tugs Belltown later to become Squid Row. Suddenly, we were interrupted by a loud altercation at the bar. Two fellows not poets, but regular drunks found themselves in a disagreement that escalated from shouting to shoving to lurching about wildly throwing punches in a matter of seconds.

One guy went flying over the table after a blow to the nose, which erupted in a geyser of blood that splattered about half the exposed pages. In a flash, it was over. The combatants fled before the bartender could call the cops. The Red Sky troupe resumed assembling as if nothing untoward had happened-INCLUDING THE BLOOD-SOAKED PAGES!

Also published in Cirque 7. Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place Pike Pl, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre. In this case, in Soup and Salad Cafe at Pike Place Market. Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre.

In this case, in the Five-O Tavern. Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 15th Ave, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre. In this case, in the Cause Celebre Cafe. Retro Venues, Theaters, Clubs 8th Ave, Seattle, WA Short lived music venue. RKCNDY Venues, Theaters, Clubs While the list is way too long to mention, I saw Flaming Lips, Afghan Wigs, Pavement, Descendents, Built to Spill, Moby and Everclear play there in the few 4 months it was open.

Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5th Ave, Seattle, WA www. Rosebud Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops E Pike St, Seattle, WA Named after the iconic sled which hung from the ceiling, now as much a regret filled memory as those that plagued Kane.

Confession: I always mixed this place up with the Wild Rose. Greatest mom and pop place ever. Lunch counter, candy counter, comic books, lots of toys and model airplanes in the back. A kid's fantasy. I miss it, even now. It was a U-shaped two-story building with storefronts on the ground floor and probably twenty or so efficiency apartments upstairs. Upstairs, from the s to the end of the s it became a brothel, complete with its own live-in madam. The building did not have electric lights until the late s and before that had used gaslight instead.

When we moved in, we could still see the remaining pipes now capped, still jutting out of the walls all up and down the hallways. While at that party, it was decided that an artist living space was desperately needed. A three-year lease was signed and by the middle of Marchpeople began to quickly fill up the apartments upstairs and to begin their new lives living as The Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers, aka SCUD. They had a spooky, haunted-theme ride that used to be where the EMP Museum is now.

I remember it through my three-year-old memory as a giant red warehouse. Because it dwarfed the rest of the rides at the theme park, my older brother instantly loved it. I was afraid, but I went on the ride once with my brother anyway. I wanted to be as big as my brother. The tunnel was bright red with frightening Halloween characters that would pop out at you. Of course, I bolted through the chicken door.

It had an arcade, redemption games, minigolf, batting cages, laser tag, and just a big variety of fun events. I met Bozo the Clown there. I had more birthday parties there than I can count. Since it was indoors, it was great for those many rainy days.

There aren't a whole lot of indoor locations for a kid under 21 to spend their time, and Funplex had just about everything a kid could want. Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center Gathering Place S Jackson St, Seattle, WA Founded innow the site of the Seattle Vocational Institute.

These agencies, [such as] SOIC, Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center, was started by Reverend Doctor Leon Sullivan, back in Philadelphia. Jim Williams was the director [of SOIC].

Reverend [Dr. That started itAnd they operated for about fifteen years, and they did a phenomenal job, as far as placements, and outreach and stuff like that for African American people. Seattle's First Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Harland Sanders this location was converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Second Ave Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA Pizza shop in downtown Seattle which put on great small punk shows. There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that would spit all sorts of prizes from between the cushions the next morning.

After dancing all night, we'd creep back into the sunlight and make a beeline for the IHOP down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes. Bauman would attend parties there in her wheelchair.

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Sometime between the club was closed, perhaps temporarily at first then definitely byfor problems including failure to meet tax reporting standards. Shelly Bauman, who helped start the legendary Gay bar in Pioneer Square, Shelly's Leg, died at home in Bremerton, Washington on November 18, Floor to ceiling books.

Windows open, raining outside. No one else, it seems, around. You'll find something. Shorey's was opened in and moved to a number of locations, but it was at 1st and Union the longest - from to Sick's Seattle Stadium Venues, Theaters, Clubs Music venue in the back that hosted all genres of music, lots of bands and a weekly Sunday all ages Hip Hop event. Six Degrees Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops It closed not long after the owner was killed in the crash of Alaska Air flight in January Skoochie's Venues, Theaters, Clubs We spent a good chunk of our youth going to Skoochie's, trying to go to Skoochie's, and thinking about the next time we could go to Skoochie's.

The music was New Wave, post-modern, and sometimes Batcave, and it was one of the few places in Seattle that an alternative-dressing 80's kid could hang out without dirty looks, judgment, and overall negative attention. Smith's Amazing Museum Other Business After it closed in the early 80's, the exhibits were donated to Seattle Children's Hospital which sold them off.

Sonic Boom - one of the few places i could find indie pop 7" on the regular. Saw great shows there occasionally too! Sorry Charlies Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1st Ave Seattle, WA Best piano bar in town. Story goes that when the Doghouse closed down the piano player moved uptown to Sorry Charlies.

A legendary dive bar the whole building has recently been torn down. Where Howard Bulson played for many years. South China Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Place for First Drinks and parties.

When it closed my whole family consisting of Japanese, African, Mexican Americans mixed filled a private room in celebration of the memories that happened there. Well heck, that was the s. You know? I was a little girl. And then his retirement party when he retired was over there.

I got to sit next to him and the Seattle police chief and fire chief at that time. Known for Belgian Techno, Hard Hitting House Music, Home of The Prophets ov Psyche and the original Seattle AV Pro, now Seattle AV Services. After a fire inSports Specialties moved to another location in Belltown where it stayed until November 30th,when rising rents and gentrification forced Denzil to retire.

Denzil had been a close family friend since before I was even born, and every pair of soccer shoes I wore until came from him. My dad, Jim Wagner, was great friends with Denzil, and some of my first memories of Seattle were going to Sports Specialties with my dad.

Picking out new boots, a bag, a ball, digging through the huge bin for socks, and that awful gum on the front counter-I remember it all vividly. Since we were practically family, I was able to go find my new boots in the back or go down into the basement to dig through hundreds of soccer balls. Customers would show up at the shop to find a note saying Denzil was at the bar watching soccer.

Denzil and my dad had an agreement. When Denzil was ready to retire, my dad was going to purchase the store and keep it going. But my dad died inso that would never happen. When Denzil finally had to close, the pain was more severe than expected. I still get a lump in my throat when I drive by what is now another sushi bar. Squid Row hosted early gigs by certain then-obscure bands who are now legendary in Seattle music history-including and especially Nirvana.

The bands on the bill were Gas Huffer, Treepeople, and The Gits. As a willing and eager participant in that final night, I can personally attest that, when the night came to a close, the floor was appropriately drenched with beer.

The landlord fucked us over. Go ahead and trash the place. End of story and end of era. The SS Marie Antoinette began when a group of visual artists leased a building Westlake Seattle, WA around These artists took a dilapidated 8, sq ft m2year-old yacht factory, and split the large space into six individual studios. Averaging six people renting the building and splitting rent and bills equally, the SS Marie Antoinette SSMA continued as a hub for artists and musicians in or visiting the Seattle area for 7 years.

The SSMA catered to artists and musician who normally would not be showcased in popular venues. The word of a place for "underground" bands to play spread quickly, and soon the SSMA hosted 5 to 6 shows a week. Star Life on the Oasis Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops I still miss his Black Bean Chili on cold winter days.

Truly an oasis from the Ave. Statue of Liberty at Alki Beach Park Gathering Place Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA When the first White settlers in Seattle erected their log houses and sounded the waters of Elliott Bay, they were convinced West Seattle would be the new New York. These White settlers set up a human-sized Statue of Liberty replica at Alki Point. They built a carousel and a roller coaster and called it Luna Park.

Over the years, the carnival atmosphere shifted. During World War II, housing for military transplants unfolded across the peninsula and the cabins dwindled. Steve's Broiler Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4th Ave, Seattle, WA Still Life in Fremont Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops N. It was one of the best "third place" places in town, and a nod to the crunchy awesome Tracy Chapman-esque Moosewood-y sorts of college vegetarian luncheonette type places I associate with nerdy afternoons of reading, drinking coffee, noshing on pastries or a big salad with hairy alfalfa, and stuffing my mind with ideas.

I remember reading there, and the sunlight, and all the feelings of possibility that come with spending your day that way. I moved to Seattle at 32, inon the heels of my mother's death from cancer. It was a place I chose to start the next chapter of my life. And Still Life in Fremont represented my image of what Seattle's values involved - lots of Sunday morning readers and journal scribblers, eating good food, drinking hot coffee, dogs at their knees at the outside cafe tables, in a funky old neighborhood.

Before the bridge reopened this place was a lifesaver! Storeroom Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Could pull a stage over the pool table until the building was gentrified.

Someone may have redistributed the hanging flower baskets the condo company put in to more deserving locations. Sunny Jim Factory Other Business Sunset Bowl Gathering Place Part of traditional Ballard for 51 years. Sunset Bowl Other Business NW Market St Seattle, WA Oh, the karaoke. So good. My last memory though was the bartender wanting to put Fireball in my cider, it was a new thing then.

Swingside Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA Brad's Swingside Cafe - Opene Closed Predecessor of Brad's Swingside. Started by Cathy and Anna c. Neighborhood hangout and art scene. Metaphonics played here check out Youtube. We were impressed. Indulge yourself and get the Bo Bo Platter! After 27 years of business, they closed in The Original Canterbury Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Surly servers, every bar food you'd want, multiple rooms for any kind of vibe, affordable.

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