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Our Vesta came in a very close second averaging a fuel economy in the almost 11ish MPG area you can find those reports here: Monaco Vesta MPG. Without further ado, here is the MPG of our new motorhome. It was warm enough we had to run the dash AC a bit, but not too much. We climbed several hills en-route and we battled some strong crosswinds through most of the Midwest. Wind was average but not anything to complain about. We did not run the generator during this part of the trip thanks to our solar and lithium technology upgrades. This is our entire RV Road Trip in Alaska! Mature adult dating ridgewood ny.

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About delhi wali meena bhabhi ki nangi boobs aur tight chut ki photohi guys. Khushi ke husband foreign mein rahte hai aur jcb driver hai, pageview- var data r escapedocument. We averaged 7. Across level ground we averaged about 8. We boondock along the way so keep the fresh water full. Have food for two plus weeks and drag a VW beetle on a car dollie behind.

I feel great any time I average over 7 mpg.

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GVWR lbs. I talked to various new V owners and many say gas mpg increases quite a bit after break in. I have owned 4 RVs since I find the key to good mpg is less weight. Travel light and choose a good dingy. We will soon depart on our long term adventure with the new Motor home and we will share our mpg statistics.

The below 7 mpg has me concerned. Most newer V owners claim 9 mpg. GvWR 22, I have never got better than 6. i will say I go the speed limit though, which means mph. And I tow a GMC Terrain and have a full load in the basement. I wouldnt believe any claims of a chip getting that high of mpg. Good luck, safe travels. I have purchased 3 chips for 3 different units. None ever paid for its self.

You will not get 9 on a class A even a short one of 27 ft even with a newer model V10 nor would you get it on one dating back to about I know as have owned both, Towing you will get This has been true for almost 20 years for this engine.

The good news is that this is a bullet-proof brute of an engine but MPG is relatively low whether you tow or not. How can you afford to live this way I have always wanted to my self but can seem to break free of the We have a whole section dedicated to just that. In the menu bar under blog, you will see a Make Money and Travel option.

When looking for our first MH ever, we stumbled on a rare bird callled a SERRO SCOTTY. They were only built fromand then they stopped the MH line when the factory burned. TOO BAD, because they did some great things. Ours is athe upgraded version. Its built on a Ram frame and many of themlike ours, have the legendary 5. Ours has an AT, RWD. but some were made with manual trannies and even 4?4!

We are on our way home now from our first trip, Norther WI to WY, and here is how the mpg shook out: Best 15 going 75 mph, no AC. Worst, 13 going 75 iwith the AC. I suspect it could be better if we drove Havent towed anything yet, but plan to pull an aluminum 2 horse trailer, max weight we be We will see how that goes! Our gal. is bigger than U. for 64 yrs and 10 mph. will cost you 3 mpg so when you see an 18 wheeler go by you at 70 mph he is avg 5 mpg or.

greatly appreciated. Anything that size with V10 triton gas will get you about 7. It is what it is. There was a time when owning a diesel was not only affordable to purchase, but they were cheap to operate. That was 15, 20 years ago. Much different story today: gas is significantly cheaper to operate, purchase, insure and maintain. Been a diesel-head my whole life but the tables have turned.

A twin-turbo 6. My 2 cents. You might be able to squeeze. My wife and I retired a few years ago. I was looking at Class A motorhomes and could not get many answers to the MPG questions or many other questions about which brands are better than others.

I decided to get a part time job Transporting new motorhomes to the dealers. I have now been doing this for 2 years. I have put well overMiles on a wide variety of mostly Class A motorhomes of all makes and sizes both Gas and Diesel. I can tell you now that length does not matter.

The gas ones get about 7. I do not have a tow vehicle so I cannot comment on how that would effect your MPG. I also have lots of thoughts about Quality of Manufacture but would be somewhat afraid to post this as I would probably lose my job if it were reveled who I was.

apologise, but

I will use a made up name on here to protect myself, but if asked direct questions I will try to answer them. I love your videos and hope you continue to post motorhome ones. I will watch your sailing ones as you continue in that adventure.

Thanks for sharing! You most certainly can post anonymously and I am sure our fellow readers would love to hear your what your favorite coaches areI know I am curious.

Some of our tops would be Newmar, Winnebago, Leisure Travel, Monaco and Winnebago. Ok, your turn. Hi saw your post. Would you please share your experience regarding quality of motor homes? Hi George. Did you check out the RV Shopper series? My wife and I have had a class c for a few years. Think of upgrading to either a fifth wheel, or a Class A motorhome around 27 ft. Quality of manufacturer question. MPG around 8 at best.

what excellent answer

Weighs just over 11, lbs. I tow a two door Jeep Wrangler that weighs just under 4, lbs. I too drive under 60 mph as this yields the best mpg.

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When towing I average just under 15 mpg and when not towing average a little over 18mpg. I made a three week trip to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI without towing the jeep and had no trouble maneuvering through any areas or being able to park. Great size and very affordable for travel. We just started researching and looking at motor homes and are learning a lot from your videos.

We were out looking today and came across a gorgeous fifth wheel that was a toy hauler. Also I know you pull your car behind your motor home but do you hear of many people getting a rental car at their stops instead of pulling a car?

I would think a rental car would be really inconvenient but wanted to ask. Just trying to learn as much as we can?. Thank you! Has anyone try to use a chip to get better milage? Banks Power want you to change the exhaust, but it only improves the torque of drive train.

They rather deal with diesel engines.

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Good information for my next buy. I have had a couple of motor homes now and searching for a little bigger one. However, on my ventures out west I have found that sometimes finding diesel fuel is a bit difficult on the back roads. I get around 7 and 8 with my class C gas. We average Trailer usually weighs around 18, pounds with our Harley in the back. The truck weighs around 10, lbs we carry an extra 91 gal of diesel in the bed so we total about 28, pounds going down the road.

This is our third trailer - first one was a small tent trailer we towed behind our Goldwing motorcycle for a couple of coast-to-coasts that was a lot of work and HOT in the summer.

Your videos are well done and I usually learn a thing or two from them. You have inspired us to buy our first motorhome. Our plan is to tour the US with our 2 cats, so decided on something larger. We just bought a used Challenger, 34 ft. and a Jeep Liberty to tow behind. Our family is scattered across the country, so we will be visiting them as well. Jason, your tips are invaluable.

Thank you for providing them to us novices. USA, here we come! Your website is great! We have a 22 foot Winnebago Rialta QD. It has a V6 engine and gets reliably 15 to 18 miles per gallon.

Any ideas? Frank Campbell. Our lowest MPG was approx. Average is about Our coach is always loaded to the gills and we flat tow a PT Cruiser.

So I am sure you have been asked this question many times. who gets your Bounder when you head off to your new adventure sailing? Seriously, tho, who gets this lovely home next? Itasca Sunova 33c Gas Ford V After 25k miles of towing a Honda CRV we get an average of 6. Planning on upgrading frm class c 4Winds to class A. Your information sure does provide plenty to think about. Actually, we were leaning toward Fleetwood Bounder before coming across your blog. We have watched most of your recent videos and enjoyed them very much.

We just bought a Winnebago and we hope to travel more now that we are retired. Your videos along with others have helped tremendously to avoid rooky mistakes and know more about what to expect on the road, thanks! Hello, in my motor home I use an Ultra gauge to watch real time fuel economy. It helps to see what really effects your mileage.

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Just my 2 cents. However, when I changed the oil for the first time, I switched to synthetic Amsoil after much research. With no other changes, our MPG went from up 1 to 1. You might want to give it a try if you find yourself in another gas coach. For me, the benefits FAR outweighed the loss of space. Free parking, like, everywhere. Sailing is a whole different deal. I can put you in touch with the most frugal sailors on the planet - but safety should be your main concern.

Thanks cheapest hookup sites near lake havasu city sorry

Some good prices on used boats in FL. But when you are alone out there, at night, and something goes wrong or bad folk come creeping whoa. Not cool. Nikki and Jason, I spent quite a bit of time going through your blog this weekend and just think it is fantastic.

I posted a few times previously and may have sounded negative but actually appreciate all your sharing. I admit I was disappointed to hear of your leaving the RV world per se. I hoped to one day soon meet you camping! Best wishes though on your future adventure. I camped overseas in New Zealand one summer- fantastic. Thank you for sharing your opinions on all things RV and about your lives. Grand information, Your going to find fuel savings when you move onto the Catamaran.

This year. I had mine reset on my gas class-a. It will increase mpg, make the transmission shift better according to speeds and hills. I had it done also on a Chevy pickup and gained mpg around town with a engine and better on the highway. Also my motorhome has a Onan generator which eats 1 gallon of gas per hour. So what I gained on mileage probably went to the generator. I gained mpg highway on my motorhome.

Well this is what I have been puzzled about. Figured it was the wind. We got 8 to 10 MPG darting around the country. Any one have any Idea why from to my mileage has been almost halved. Off to the side I have a ram truck with a cummins that gets 7 mpg compared to similar truck but older, a ram with same cummins that would get 20 mpg.

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Prices are down but individual consumption is up. Hey Jonathan. The average mpg for a E v10 base vehicle is 8.

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One ct of RV mileage is the efficiency of the chassis alone or, in different forms such as vans, etc. Additionally, the wind resistance, travel speed and geography impact mpg too. After hanging out on RV forums discussing MPG for four years, I have learned that most class A motorhomes get mpg with a few outliers in the mpg range if small diesel models View, Vesta, etc.

Gas models seem to get at most about 4mpg less than the diesel counterpart but then again in much of the country diesel fuel is more. Add to that DEF and it eats up just over half the MPG savings benefit leaving about 2mpg or so realized benefit.

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Towing trailers with gas versus diesel is also about 2 mpg difference. My current tow average is 12mpg Airstream with other owners posting similar mpg with a gasser or around with a diesel. Love your videos,please know they are very,very helpful and fun to watch. I guess I missed the part when you switched from your diesel pusher to your new gas Bounder. Why did you switch? I have to admit I am more confused than ever.

I have spent the last 5 years in a small class b Islander RV. The wife and I are both retired and want to upgrade,we tow A 4 thousand pound aluminum North River boat in the spring and summer,the boat and trailer are 29 feet long so the largest RV we can get is 36 feet need to stay no more than 65 feet. I have spent 18 months doing research but you switched from deisel to gas. which do you prefer? Great job making your videos. You have helped our family pick our first RV. A Georgetown GT3 30?3.

Love it!!! I think the people at Forest River paid attention to your blog. Keep up the good work. God Bless both of you in your travels:. I hope all the mfrs. can take something away from our thoughts and the opinions left in the comments section of each blog. Congrats on your purchase. There is no doubt that diesels do better in the same shape motorhome. But aerodynamics matter too. I bet a Ford gas motor in the Avanti or Vesta would do better than the Bounder.

Maybe only 1 MPG better, who knows. But better. Apparently the motorhome buying public does not want to pay for streamlining. With the two aero FREDs, did you ever feel a loss of interior or storage space due to the streamlining? I was looking forward to those numbers. Yesa bit disappointing. Love your site. I just had a couple come in for the second time, very likely buyersthey told me about your website and I like it.

I am in the SF Bay Area. I cost of living is so high here that I find a lot of people come in thinking about giving up their apartment and buying one of our previously enjoyed motorhomes. They want to know where you live if you stop paying for it so they can come over and repossess it.

Tulsa to st. George, it, : Nov. V 10, pulling tow dolly with Jeep Grand Cherokee, 6. This trip is mostly a continuous climb to the Contental Divide, then to plus, and back to ft.

I maintained a 55 to 65 max speed, and off cruise. Cruise will eat fuel as it will downshift way too early. Wow guys! Good to read.

Really. cheapest hookup sites near lake havasu city can mean?

Thanks for your insights and comments regarding RV travels. As my wife and I embark on our first RV adventure in an 07 Coachmen Mirada, I am trying to keep all the tips and tricks in my head to make the trip enjoyable and memorable.

Our travels took us from Ohio to Idaho. We ran the generator as well as the dash air and our toad weights in just over 4, lbs. Our best mileage was 7. We did use Lucas Gas Treatment and I feel it really helped and with the lower torque of the V10 you can almost feel the improvement when pulling long steep upgrades. I do not work or receive any benefit from Lucas.

The only RVs that have a MPG to speak of are the RVs based on the sprinter chassis with the v6 diesel. They are only 20 to 26 ft. but they get 15 MPG or higher. I have heard of 18 MPG so you have to live in a shoe box to get the type of MPG you want It cost to push or pull around 10 to 13 tons. I have been following you on FB and have enjoyed your articles. Of course when traveling in the flatlands of the south versus your trip to Alaska with mountains and altitude you expect worse gas mileage.

Glad you guys are back in WiFi connect and getting your post out more consistently. LOL GAS vs DEISEL your ultimate post for comments always. LOL I think your original post on the subject still hits all the points people go back and forth on. I love my Bounder same engine and chassis as yours and over the first miles have averaged 6.

I am interested this spring to see how my 5-STAR TUNE impacts that mileage. The short trip I did with it installed the engine performance was quite a bit different. I think the difference with all things added into a year of cost between the two MPG, Maintenance, and fuel cost per gallonyou would see not much difference in total money spent. Would I like to get MPG, of course I would, but I knew when I bought an RV if I was overly concerned about fuel cost, I was getting into the wrong ct for my travel and family FUN.

Then I just go where the family wants to go to enjoy our lovely coach and fun adventures. I have said this before but will say it again, My gas bounder is just as quiet and just as fuel efficient sitting in a RV park or state park enjoying the great outdoors and family time than any other diesel parked next to me.

Get out and have fun in travels no matter what you own. I had a friend that got it tuned up for the best mileage possible not sure exactly how they did it but he had a founder motorhome 35 foot and was getting right around 12 and a half to 13 miles per gallon. Made 6MPG with no tow and barely loaded with stuff.

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No full tanks I hated it, drive it 20 minutes and stopped told hubby he could have it. I would look for a Diesel one for me. A year later found one. We made Much smoother, quieter ride. I drive it and love it. I do keep engine ated. The very first trip we ever made in the RV we only made 4. The engine had never had any ates. Hoping to move into a bigger RV in a year, again will be diesel.

I enjoy reading your adventures. I ride a motorcycle and with friends we do long rides across Canada and the USA. We also travel in a Bounder 33C We purchased it this summer while trading in a Winnebago Sightseer also 33 feet. The Winnie was lighter 18, but had the same size engine and we towed the same car we are towing nowa Honda Civic.

I thought the newer rig with better injection and more valves would be better, not. The Bounder is surely heavier, 22, We travel with minimum water and even fill the gas only when I feel we have too, to conserve weight. Alas, all to no avail. During these timesthe Bounder is getting great gas mileageparked. We do enjoy the creature comforts of the Bounder. I feel your pain.

I get 15mpg towing it with a Ford Exploder. So I guess you have to determine if my one room, one bed, bathroomless wonder is worth saving the money or if you are really enjoying the extra luxury and storage you have. One Question though: I the past you have always averaged the smart cars mileage into the RV mileage. So considering all the driving to crazy excursions, how does the MPG calculate if you throw in the Smart Car? Oops never mind, I see in an earlier post you said you get 20 if the smart car is averaged in.

I really enjoy your site! Been camping since I was in diapers, tents, then pickup campers, and then 5th wheel trailers after marriage n a couple kids. I had never stayed in a paid campground till I was in my late 30s.

This year we decided to get a class A motor home. Picked up a really nice used Fleet wood Escape 34 foot Cummins Diesel. I feel very good about my mileage now that I have read your articles - getting 8. And I guess I have a lead foot, case the only time she sees 60 is going up a long steep grade or the speed limit dictates it.

I will have to try slowing down and see what it gets on our next trip. Traveling in the motor home is SOO much more comfortable than towing a 5th wheel trailer! should have done this long ago! keep up the good work! I drive a Allegro diesel Caterpillar and averaged 9. and I tow a 2, lb. Mini Cooper. Towing the Mini instead of my Jeep Grand Cherokee allows for a 1 MPG increase.

Keep up the great work, love your articles and videos! What has happened with the diesel engine and the emissions controls has caused major changes to the diesel industry.

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I drive a Sprinter van for work daily. The maintenance costs from the diesel emissions control equipment is negating almost all economic benefits of running a diesel versus a gas engine without considering upfront cost, since there is no gas option from Mercedes.

Hey thanks so much for the ates, all the best to you and Nikki and look forward to seeing more new stuff! InI drove a new GMC 26 ft U-Haul total length 34 ft fully loaded moving van miles from Arlington WA to Missoula MT over mountain passes, etc. I drove 60 mph on I going east. Not sure how the MPG was calculated but when I divide your miles by your gallons I get 5.

We have lived full time in our Beaver Santiam. Since we started have I been tracking fuel economy. We get 7. We started out flat towing a Jeep Wrangler, but now have an enclosed trailer.

with you agree

MPG stayed the same even with the higher weight. We drive a lot in the mountains in the western US. The roof of the trailer is covered with solar panels watt. Diesel is for sure the way to go. Both for ease of driving torque and MPG per pound moved. Not holding my breath as that seems a bit high. Thanks Nikki and Jason for sharing your adventures and experiences within the RV lifestyle.

When it comes to RV mileage, I have seen the problem and it is us. So, we all can do some do some things to improve the mileage of our rigs. Slow down. The closer to 45 the better. Monitor the traffic ahead and the signals to reduce braking. No Jackrabbit starts. Reduce weight by not filling all of the tanks and storage compartments. Keep the tires properly inflated. Turn off the engine when possible. They all keep a little more money in our pockets. Drive like you are about out of gas and there is not a gas station in sight.

Relax and enjoy the view. We are getting MPG, even in mountains smallish up and down Rt 81 for example. Read that you got a lemon? Hope to see you out on the road! Love, Peace and music, Bob.

Started following your adventures when we saw you camped out at Cabellas in Anchorage-our home. We have a Georgetown on a workhorse chassis with the chevy 8. Bought it to make sure We could pull the boat, 4 place snowmachine trailer, etc. when not towing, we get 10mpg ish. I am getting 7.

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My coach is 32ft long and about 16, lbs. I also got a OBDlink MX wifi and use Dash command to read real time data from the engine. Slowing down makes a huge difference.

This is also why your Avanti and Vesta did so well besides being dieselsthey both had much more aerodynamic front caps, which seem to be out of style now days, probably because it eats up useful interior room in the front cab overhead bunks etc. I really like the design of your Vesta, aerodynamic, diesel, modern interior design, I would probably have tried get a used one if they had made a bunk model, but we have two kids and needed bunks.

Too bad they quit making them, perhaps that kind of design will return in the future. There is a guy on the IRV2 forums that has bought more motorhomes on the last couple years than most do in a lifetime. You guys really need to get Fleetwood to trade out your Bounder for the same exact model with the 6-speed so we can get an awesome head to head review of the differences. I have had the 5startuning programming for half the mileage which has made no difference in fuel economy but reduced the engine noise and driver fatigue.

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We mostly do not tow. When we do it makes little difference in fuel econ. Enjoy your posts, thanks. It performs very well on hills as well. But it would be very small for a fulltime traveler. The property is about 12 minutes drive from DE DEL MAR 35 MINUTES FROM ALICANTE AIRPORT. Engine type 4-cylinder in-line Diesel energy Front cross layout Common rail power supply Turbo supercharging with variable geometry KKK 2.

Bought 15th October at Conforma, guaranteed for 2 years. Selling because we are moving. No delivery available. To be collected in Lamentin. To be collected in Lamentin Table Perfect condition.

Waterfront RV campsite on Lake Havasu, AZ

Selling as we are moving. Tactile sensor to modify light intensity; USB charger; lumens Selling as we are moving.

Digital kitchen scale. Max weight g Different units of measurements can be selected g, oz. Easy to empty and clean. Reusable filter is easily Pool float in the form of a cactus in green vinyl. Dimensions: - Length: cm - Width: cm.

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