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Simon Henderson, the head of Eton College is under fire over his attempts to modernise it. Alec Marsh hears from both sides of the argument. In its years, Eton College has been presided over by 71 head masters. Few can have been more controversial than its present head, Simon Henderson. Bellingham, chair of a dining club of 45 OEs, said its members would withhold ?2 million in donations to the college so long as Henderson remained in post. Wayne hookup sites for women.

Indeed, that number will rise to over the next five years, meaning one in ten of all boys at Eton will receive their education free of charge. The school will also help set up a number of government-funded sixth form colleges in the North and Midlands, similar to the London Academy of Excellence in Stratford, east London, of which it is a partner along with five other public schools.

When Henderson, whose high-flying father Giles was a top partner at Slaughter and May and master of Pembroke College, Oxford, was appointed, he was This made him the youngest Eton head master in history, but also one by definition lacking, relatively, in experience. For an interview with The Telegraph to mark his appointment, he wore a linen jacket and chinos and only put his tie on to be photographed.

Henderson singlesex

When I once met him socially at Bradfield College, where he was head for four years, I recall being struck - and somewhat shocked - by his earnest focus on preparing the kids of today for the world of tomorrow. Rightly so, perhaps. As a result, he asked not to be named. On the Knowland case, he is convinced that the school was well within its rights to sack the teacher. You have got to get on the front foot and tell the story.

At any rate, six months on from the peak of the Knowland imbroglio and the loudest calls for his resignation, Henderson is still head master. The former North West Norfolk MP tells me he is no longer calling for Henderson to go. The virtue signalling around Black Lives Matter It was a wrong call. It was straightforward classic virtue signalling, which was demeaning. The key challenge is to bring in reforms but also carry your key audiences with you. High-net-worths are incredibly difficult people to deal with all the time.

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Tony was a very pragmatic chap who saw everything in grey, rather than black and white. By contrast, the former beak says, Henderson is a dogmatist - a puritan who risks creating a straitjacket environment that risks constraining gifted teaching and stripping a leading British school of one of its most characteristic and important assets.

The challenge is, being daring or interesting exposes you to risk - especially when you never know if your lesson is being recorded by pupils. Few would be surprised if Henderson, who has four children including two girls, were not to give serious thought to making Eton co-ed.

Single-sex education (SSE) is one recurring trend that teachers and universities. explore to address educational concerns (Meyer, ). After establishment of the. original Title IX in Abstract. Background The need for single-sex accommodation in mental health trusts has been widely expressed in documents from the NHS Executive and in national and local enequilibreavecceline.com case study describes the effects of changing two mixed-sex wards into single-sex wards. Methods Two mixed-sex inpatient wards were reorganised into two single-sex wards Few would be surprised if Henderson, who has four children including two girls, were not to give serious thought to making Eton co-ed. When asked by The Times if this was on his agenda, he said it was 'a debate for another day', but one former beak I spoke to assures me Henderson secretly disapproves of the Eton's single-sex set-up

Nursing Times ; 48, Authors: Chris J Hawley is retired consultant psychiatrist; Maria Palmer is researcher; Kiri Jefferies is research assistant; Tim M Gale is lead for research and development; Jacky Vincent is project manager; all at Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation Trust.

Creating separate ward environments for male and female patients in the NHS has been a policy intention since the s Department of Health, In recent years, progress on eliminating mixed sex accommodation EMSA has been good and, for the NHS generally, the merits of single-sex accommodation have not been disputed Department of Health, For psychiatric inpatient units there are two possible interpretations of the national EMSA policy: individual wards host patients of only one sex single-sex accommodation, SSA ; or wards continue to have a mixed-sex population but with separate provisions for both sexes, in particular separate sleeping arrangements, separate toilets and separate lounge areas.

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Having two options leaves an important question unanswered: which is the better option for acute psychiatric inpatients? Only two research reports have shed any light on this question Leavy et al, ; Mezey et al, These studies used interview or questionnaire methods with both patients and staff and both reached unclear conclusions that SSA might be better in some respects but MSA is better in others.

For example, while women may fear the predatory sexual attentions of male patients, they also feel protected by them when violence is occurring on the ward. Other review and opinion articles have reached similar conclusions that whatever arguments are put forward for SSA or MSA, they are counterbalanced by arguments in the other direction Maatta, ; Henderson and Reveley, What is notable, however, is just how little research has been carried out in the past 30 years to determine which is the better option for staff and patients.

The mental health unit studied here was comprised of two mixed-sex general psychiatric wards on a general hospital site. The requirements of EMSA needed to be met by reorganising the wards so that one would become male and the other female.

To undertake a service evaluation of this rapidly implemented change, qualitative interviews were conducted with staff while the change was happening and six months later. As a routine service activity, this enquiry did not require ethical approval, although approval to release the information in this article has been obtained from the trust.

Both wards had, at the time of the change, a full team of registered and non-registered nursing staff.

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One ward was designated to become single-sex-male; the other female. The change from MSA to SSA was made over one weekend in April A dedicated researcher conducted semistructured interviews with 22 ward staff 14 nurses, six non-registered nursing staff, two ward clerkswho were interviewed in the immediate days and weeks after the implementation of SSA and again after six months. Two consultant psychiatrists were also interviewed towards the end of the study period.

The researcher was neither a clinical practitioner nor part of the managerial team implementing the changes so participants felt they could speak freely with her. The interviews were based on semi-structured prompting around certain areas of interest, such as ward rounds, time management, sex-specific cts of care, changing levels of disturbance and general opinions about favourable or unfavourable cts of the change.

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Interview data was collated and themes arising from the interviews were investigated. Patients were not interviewed directly as this would have required ethical approval, which the speed of change did not allow. Figures were analysed for any differences in the number and type of incidents before and after the change. The qualitative interviews revealed four strongly repeated themes at both time points: ward rounds and time management; sex-specific cts of care; levels of disturbance; and transitional issues.

Before SSA was implemented, each ward had four consultants, meaning four full ward rounds on each ward every week; the number of ward rounds increased to seven after implementation because most doctors were now required to see patients on both wards.

of single-sex wards in mental health. Nursing Times; 48, Background The need for single-sex accommodation in mental health trusts has been widely expressed in documents from the NHS Executive and in national and local policies. This case study describes the effects of changing two mixed-sex wards into single-sex wards Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's June/July issue (enequilibreavecceline.com) and inside the mag, the actress opens up abou How will single-sex Eton handle a pupil who identifies as female? When Simon Henderson became head master of Eton College in , he soon took against the rooms in the school's ancient Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

This change required the clinical and managerial teams to work together to overcome key issues such as environment availability of rooms and staff time availability of nursing time for ward rounds.

The majority of nurse participants interviewed towards the end of the six-month period felt the increased number of ward rounds created a time-management problem that took them away from other work.

Batcup, D. Mixed sex wards: recognising and responding to gender issues in mental health settings and evaluating their safety for women. Interim report for the Bethlem and Maudsley NHS Trust The Maudsley Audit Office. Google Scholar. Cohen, P. High-risk mix. Social Work Today, 23, 31

The doctors, when surveyed at six months, did not see this as a problem; although the number of ward rounds had increased, the duration of each was shorter. However, the relationships the consultants have with the wards required reflection and careful management during the process of changing from MSA to SSA. Staff commented on the pressure on same-sex members of ward staff that is the female staff on the female ward.

However, male staff also described how they could work much more confidently with male patients, as they did not have the worry about allegations of sexual abuse from female patients. Many male participants, however, gave the impression they felt disadvantaged and under greater pressure while working on the female ward due to fear of allegations of abuse and inappropriate behaviour against them from women patients.

Overall, it appeared that, while female nurses on the male ward feared violence from the male patients, the male staff on the female ward had a much greater fear of false accusation from female patients.

Participants described receiving many complaints from male patients in the early weeks after SSA implementation, expressing that they missed female interaction. However, once newly admitted patients had replaced the previous cohort, no further comments were made. Participants attributed this to the fact that the new patients were inclined to accept things as they were and did not know that it had ever been otherwise.

There was strong impression among participants that the male ward became a much quieter and calmer environment after the change. They did not attribute the difference to the clinical profiles of male and female patients; for example, male patients might have more negative features of schizophrenia than the more acute female cases.

Contrary to staff expectations, the female ward became more hectic and noisy; participants described more shouting and verbal aggression among female patients, and were of the opinion that physical aggression had decreased but verbal aggression had increased.

The data from the incident reports partly agreed with the qualitative account. The overall number of formally reported incidents on the male ward did not increase after implementation of SSA; in fact, there was a decrease of two incidents.

However, incidents on the female ward had almost doubled after the change Fig 1. Based on the internal reports, the increase in incidents on the female ward after SSA was implemented can be attributed almost entirely to alleged physical assaults by patients seven reports in ; 30 reports in Furthermore, verbal incident reports fell by two-thirds from 12 in to only four in Fig 2.

Henderson and Reveley caution against assuming that women will be safer on single-sex wards on the basis that, in the wider community, most violence against women is perpetrated by men Positive effects of single-sex education. Australian research shows that there are "positive effects of single-sex schooling" in relation to numeracy and literacy testing (NAPLAN) and tertiary entrance scores (TES), while a New Zealand study shows that there is a "pervasive tendency for children attending single-sex schools to have Academic self-concept was found to be highly gendered, even controlling for prior test scores. Boys had higher self-concepts in mathematics and science, and girls in English. Single-sex schooling reduced the gender gap in self-concept, while selective schooling was linked to lower academic self-concept overall

This seems to contradict the interview remarks that verbal aggression had increased on the female ward, but it is likely that staff did not see all verbal outbursts by patients as warranting formal reporting. The majority of participants stated that they understood the rationale behind SSA implementation but felt that their opinions and contributions should have been sought before the change.

Most expressed a view that a formal handover should have been implemented and that the changeover happened too quickly. Nonetheless, the implementation was considered to have gone smoothly, with no clinical problems and few complaints from patients. Some participants believed that better liaison between the wards would have been preferable so they could have provided reassurance to patients who were anxious about the change.

Although the changeover was generally regarded as having gone well, the majority of participants had the view that the mixed-sex environment, with patients socialising with the opposite sex, is more socially typical.

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About one third expressed strong opposition to SSA at the point of changeover; at six months, they still held the view that MSA was the more desirable approach but were able to describe counterbalancing opinions that SSA also had advantages. Considering participants as a whole, at six months the balance of opinion was that SSA was a satisfactory arrangement for inpatient care or at least not inferior to MSA arrangements.

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