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McDonalds has become our home away from home as they are the only establishment we can find in each city that has free wifi. And, well, McDonalds is very cheap. Scary view for the top of the Indian Head cliffs on Fraser Island. We buy fruit, cereal and whole milk yuckand love to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches when on the road.

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I know, so sa diet soda, coffee, tea, biscuits, and carry massive bottles of water wherever we go. Crocodile spotting on the road to Cape Tribulation. Hostel kitchens always sounds like a good idea for cooking dinner, but we tend to get lazy or want to get out. Note to self: from now on, stick to the cheap, developing countries when you decide to go backpacking for three and a half months! We take the subways, the buses, and the local trains. We walk, I run trying to in every cityand we love hop-on-hop-off buses, but have only been on one.

We like day tours, except when it rains, we are sick of boats, but know we will miss them in a week. Night view of Harbor Bridge from the Sydney Opera House. Kangaroos and koalas have been pet and held, crocodiles have been spotted and captured on camera, and colorful fish galore have given us great decorating ideas for our future homes. No snakes or spiders thank Go one whale sighting, a few stingrays, but no sharks double thank God.

Jellyfish, attacked us.

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Didgeridoos, not played yet. Surfing in Australia is all that I have heard it to be: beautiful long waves, easy to ride. Attempting to pet a Kangaroo -who would rather be eating. Although we consider ourselves friendly girls who like to be social, we are having a bit of trouble making new friends at the hostels. Too tired!

BUT, we have met many like-minded travelers and a few other sister-sister traveling teams on our boats and bus tours. We met up with some in Sydney, some now in Melbourne, and one couple seems to be following us wherever we go! Camping crew on Fraser Island - post our 4x4 driving on sand dunes and visits to mirror lakes.

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We are hunting down free wifi spots to write our blogs. We want to go to the movies because it is raining, but need to plan our tours for the next few days first. We have to find a market, a city information center, a post office, and a drug store. Luckily, there is free brekky in the morningone less thing to worry about on our day off! There has been some expected, normal sister fights.

But many more expected, normal sister laughing sessions. At times, we agree to disagree, but we always agree on what matters. I think I speak for us both when I say we love to travel together. Despite the bickering and the screaming matches in the middle of the street shameful, I knowwe are good travel companions. I know I am very thankful to no longer be alone, to be with family, and to always have great memories of our sister trip to Australia together. OneNightFriend is the top dating site for singles seeking fun hookups and casual encounters.

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Cairns i need to get laid

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Its not really the suburbs that are the problem but where you live in that suburb.

Cairns has some beautiful rain forest and beaches, the locals are really laid back and friendly for the most part. The one thing to keep in mind this is a small area, so it is over policed beyond belief to raise obvious much needed revenue Make sure you dine at Charlie's restaurant at least once; all you can eat sea food smorgasbord for about $30; Get monday's Cairns Post - there is a discount voucher. Enjoy. Edit: although it it fairly laid-back, the streets of Cairns can be just as dangerous as any other city; just 1. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest Cairns attractions. A World Heritage listed Area, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest system of coral reefs in the world and is home to a vast assortment of marine enequilibreavecceline.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

For example one of my foreign friends brought a villa in Whitfield without realising this villa is backed onto a dodgy street - trying to resell this villa is difficult - generally homes in Whitfield are snapped up quite quickly. My advise is ask Cairns city council which streets need alot more attention than other streets and also look at crimemap. I have lived in this town since and I would never dream of leaving itits my slice of paradise. Hi Suzies, Thank you for your helpful information, I am wondering what your thoughts are on State high schools and if you can recommend?

Suzie do your homework the schools are not safe i can save you a fortune by saying dont move to Cairns the crime is out of control I ended up moving away best thing ever. I am in easy distance to all types of entertainment, food, gym and work, I have a teenage daughter who is very happy with the move too. Hi Jeromek, I am looking at moving to Cairns with my teenage son, any recommendations on suburbs and state high schooling? We moved here from a large overseas city. We knew we had to lower our standards but it is unbearable.

The people of Cairns are not interested in being of great service to another individual. Everything you need or ask for will be asking for them to go out of their way. When you are raising a family, you need to have many trusted professionals surrounding you, doctors, teachers, daycare staff, restaurant employees, etc. You will not find that here and if you do, they will have wait lists. You will pay a lot of money for very little in return, shopping, food, groceries.

you can get a big house for cheap though.

I actually feel nervous to ask for things anymore because I am so afraid of being hugely disappointed over and over. There are really special parts like being safe and sound living in the northern beaches, our children run from house to house in our neighbourhood which is very nice. Go to the beach, I don't know, Crocodiles and stingers are always on your mind. Its a small town with small town mentality.

If you have lower standards and can overlook service, you could be fine enjoying the nature and weather alone. We are moving as soon as we can. So true we moved to Cairns last year and found the service and the locals very different to say the least a lot of red necks that don't welcome new comers.

We moved from Perth 2 months ago we everything and dogs. Not many good drivers around too.

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My brother also got car accident because a lady hit and run. The weather is ok, you finish work your car is super hot people said I will need to wait for wet season. but come on, then is gonna be rain all the time.

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I can't wait to move too. You should try living in wellington in nz. This place has shit houses shut weather shit food and it's all over priced.

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I totally agree with the above comments. Cairns is a great place to visit and then leave. It's been mainly a horror story for me since I moved here over 5 years ago. Also had a woman driver hot my car and cause damage, abuse me and disappear even though it was her fault. I'll be moving back to civilisation as soon as the virus allows. Unless you're a redneck who will find plenty of friends here or don't mind considerably lowering your standards, don't even consider moving here to live.

Leave the place to the bogans, seems to be their paradise. Lower your standards please dont go back to where your from you definitely wont fit in!! i am moving to cairns shortly. this is the best of my researched places to live in australia. it never gets cold in cairns, and is certainly liveable for the majority of the year. i am one who is fussy about cold weather. it is absolutely awful in western sydney. also looks like a lot of attractions available. I also want to know as I'm wanting to move up here eventually.

Sydney has become an ugly place to live in my opinion and too chilly in winter. I am searching for houses around Cairns. Would love to hear ates from you Halna. Everyone who holidays here secretly wishes they lived here the only thing that would make Cairns perfect is a proper surf beach but then the developers would come in and totally ruin it for everyone!!!!

No traffic but locals think it is terrible - get them to drive in a capital city and compare then! lol um Traffic?

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It is a nightmare. Reservoir road sux. Cook hidhway sux. Try driving from Edmonton to the city in peak hour Worse than sydney or melbourne. You must be an estate agent trying to spin something.

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Maybe you live in Gordonvale. I lived in Edge Hill and worked in Woree.

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Leave at the wrong time morning or afternoon and it took up to 50 minutes to get there or back on weekdays. Weekends takes maybe 12 minutes depending on traffic. dono13 you have no idea. Ive lived in Sydney most of my life and now live in Cairns. Monos, can i ask how long have you lived in Cairns now from moving from sydney?

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Have you regretted it at all. Thinking of moving from sysney to cairns with my young family. Thanks in advance. amanda-stonea, Monos, we too are looking at moving from Sydney western Sydney to cairns with 2 little ones. We are actually looking at properties in Palm Cove next weekend.

I too would love to hear your thoughts on the relocation. I am also considering a move with a young family primary school agefrom western sydney. Any suggestions on areas to avoid? What is everybody complaining about, there is no traffic in Cairns.

not even in peak hour!!!!! You can't have lived here by that comment. Peak hour traffic can be bad. Depends where you live and work. It's due to the roads. Say driving from northern beaches to the city. Unlike large cities you might have 6 different routes you can choose.

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Here it's generally one route with one or two lanes. Nowhere near as bad as say melb or syd but it does get congested peak hour.

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I moved here from Sydney over 5 years ago and can't wait to get back there. See all other comments. Cairns is a nice place to visit but it will become a nightmare in no time. You've never seen service like this, crooks everywhere out to get your money for unbelievably bad service. Yes, everything but housing is expensive. Morons will soon get to you, unless you're one of them.

No such luck here, you'll be stuck with the bogans and summer heat. Neither much fun! The city has a relaxed and laidback feel. Tourism thrives here, and so the esplanade and boardwalk are often packed as the many visitors from around the world make the most of this cruisy tropical spot.

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Busy Cairns is the largest city in Tropial North Queensland, and so offers a number of job opportunities. The sugar industry is the second biggest industry here, after tourism of course.

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